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Using Remote Viewing for Pickup Techniques

Are you seeking a date for your next party? Or do you have a huge crush on someone and are just too scared to ask him or her out? Use Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing as your next pick up technique! Curious? Yes, that’s what I thought too when I read this amusing article about [...]

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Remote Influencing Techniques to Connect with your Spirit

3 Easy Remote Influencing Techniques for Increasing Spiritual Awareness Are you looking for an easy way to re-connect with your spiritual self? Remote Viewing Expert, Gerald O’Donnell, shares easy-to-use techniques to improve your spiritual awareness through 3 easy exercises that should be done on a regular basis. Once you practice these powerful, life changing tools [...]

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Continue Out of the Matrix – Your Gerald O'Donnell Interview

Hey friends, A TON of you have left questions for Gerald recently. It’s AWESOME to see this kind of participation from the community. Anyways, here’s the interview I promised I would do for you with him. Security, Prosperity, Happiness, Love, Health and Wealth… You CAN Create It All! Global Crises Are Usually NOT Disasters, But [...]

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Join the Biggest Teleseminar in Remote Influencing history ever

If you are remote viewing and influencing enthusiast like me you are in the right place and in the right time. I would like to invite you my Friend to the biggest “Remote Influencing” teleseminar with Gerald O’Donnell in the remote influencing history ever. Give us 60 minutes, and we promise that you’ll never, ever [...]

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India's 9/11 did anybody remote view that?

An astrologer, The chief of the Mumbai’s police’s anti-terror squad, the first people to be killed. An actor who played a terrorist bomber was also in the midst of the attacks. After reading articles on the causalities, was it synchronicity? Which is the ‘coincidental occurrence of events that seem related but are not explained by [...]

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On a day of Thanksgiving to The One – Message from Gerald O'Donnell

I’ve just received email from Gerald O’Donnell with Techniques to help you enter the gateway to happiness. Read on to find more, you will like it, it’s very interesting! “A new holidays’ season is upon us. On this day it is customary in the United States to thank the Almighty One at the close of [...]

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Remote Influencing, Psychic Invasion and Remote Viewing

You may not know this, but Ed Dames also knows about Psychic Invasion and Remote Influencing! This interview has snippets of real life events on which the movie, ESP Affair, is based. Previously, many people asked me about Major Ed Dames’ views on this area of remote influencing…here you go… Ed Dames EXCLUSIVE Interview – [...]

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I would like to follow the results of this tally because so far, the results are astonishing! This table comes from the Paranormal Phenomena survey which follows their article, “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT… REMOTE VIEWING” (click here to read) ____________________________________________________ About Poll: Is remote viewing something you’d like to learn? Is remote [...]

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Gerald O'Donnell Remote Viewing Interview – The Mysteries of The Mind: Infinity Within

The Truth Behind Creation In An Even More Controversial Interview: Gerald O’Donnell Digs Deeper… …And Reveals The Truth Behind Creation With Insights That Will Simultaneously Shock Both the Religious And The Atheist     Take Me There NOW!   FREE Unique Interview With Gerald O’Donnell     In the interview, Gerald O’Donnell teaches us… …any [...]

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Remote Viewing and Scientific Exploration

There’s a society that’s dedicated themselves to combing the field of science (including remote viewing) to discover what other scientists are still too afraid to acknowledge… Below are details of their next conference, which includes: Remote Viewing and PK across Space and Time Panel: Selected Presenters- Courtney Brown, Quantum Mechanics, Remote Viewing, and Time: Wheeler’s [...]

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