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Twitter Remote Viewing Test Results – Fail 2.0

Remote Viewing Test Results: Read all about it, the Twitter Remote Viewing experiment by New Scientist and the University of Hertfordshire has failed – 2.0 style. If you haven’t heard about this psychic experiment conducted over the popular social website, Twitter, the University of Hertfordshire and New Scientist came together to do research about whether [...]

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Internet Remote Viewing Project

Calling all Remote Viewers: Find Remote Viewing targets with an Internet-based Remote Viewing Project! I just found this really cool organization that is conducting a worldwide internet remote viewing project.  Basically, they give out some coordinates and ask everyone to remote view these objects using their corresponding coordinates.  Once you’ve viewed the object, you email [...]

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I would like to follow the results of this tally because so far, the results are astonishing! This table comes from the Paranormal Phenomena survey which follows their article, “WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT… REMOTE VIEWING” (click here to read) ____________________________________________________ About Poll: Is remote viewing something you’d like to learn? Is remote [...]

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Remote Viewing And Subtle Energy Science (5)

Dr. Hein is the director of the Institute for Resonance in Boulder, Colorado. The Institute is devoted to the study of subtle-energy sciences including remote viewing, crop circles and related subjects. Dr. Hein has a Ph.D. in sociology and has previously taught research methodology and statistic courses. Dr. Hein first learned remote viewing in 1996 [...]

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