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Remote Viewing – Part of a Greater, Synchronized Universe?

“The Synchronized Universe is a well-written and exciting presentation of the latest scientific evidence proving the existence of the paranormal. Swanson’s suggestions about how present physics can be modified to understand and explain some of these strange phenomena may go a long way to healing the ancient split between science and spirituality. The implications of [...]

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Remote Viewing – What is Astral Projection?

Some people who’ve read about me have been asking about Astral projection and OBE – out of Body experiences. So, I’m going to talk about these briefly over the next few days. I’ll start by sharing with you several definitions of ASTRAL PROJECTION that you can find if you search on Google. In the meantime, [...]

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Remote Viewing: Exclusive Interview With Major Ed Dames – FREE Access!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to talk to the legendary Major Ed Dames? Have you ever really wanted to pick his brains, and find out what this man, the face of remote viewing, REALLY has to say? If you have ever wanted to get information from the ‘inside’… …today is your [...]

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