Remote Viewing Potentials

You don’t need to be psychic to successfully remote view.

All have this ability, it is innate. However it does require training and diligent practice. It’s like learning to play a musical instrument: the more you train and practice with it, the better you’ll be able to perform :)

Remote viewing author Christophe Brunski reveals the best way to get started and how to avoid the most common blunders. Check this out and do share your thoughts.

Remote  Viewing: Conditions and Potentials

By Christophe  Brunski*

The more I research the  practice of remote viewing, the more critical questions I have concerning the parameters  of its practice by growing numbers of people. The potential implications of the ability  to gather or intuit accurate information from any point throughout time-space are  absolutely staggering, so much so that when considering the expansion of remote viewing  as a type of new alternative industry, I wonder whether or not the extent of these  implications is ever fully appreciated. The geometry of human cognition would be  altered forever if remote viewing could really advance into the next stages of development  in terms of widespread mastery, legitimacy, and dissemination. Have we finally a  major gateway into the future of our own conscious evolution?

There are conflicting and numerous approaches to defining what remote viewing is  and what the reasonable limits of its application are. Despite the nuances pronounced  by each individual practitioner, remote viewing (often called controlled remote viewing,  or CRV, for short) is understood to be a method of accessing information–distant in either space or time–through psi, or psychic intuition. I think that no one is  really about to step forward and claim that they have the definitive answer to what  psi is, but this does not discredit the often startling evidence supporting remote  viewing itself; one might say that intelligent application of a mechanism is not  wholly contingent upon an explicit understanding of that mechanismís constituent  parts. (Most people could be considered competent thinkers without being able to explain the workings of the brain, for example.) So if remote viewing can be demonstrated  effectively, the question of its “engine,” psi, can be set aside for the  time being.


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