How To Get Results With Remote Viewing Training

According to Paul H. Smith in his article “Can Remote Viewing Be Trained,” remote viewing “training has been nearly always successful to a greater or lesser degree depending on the level of motivation, preparation and innate ability of a given student viewer.” Read below to learn more!

Can Remote Viewing Be Trained?

Paul H. Smith

During a recent interview on an episode of “Sightings on the Radio With Jeff Rense,” Dr. Ed May firmly stated that it is not possible to train someone to remote view. In the course of the interview, Dr. May commented that “…there aren’t very many Jascha Heifitzes in the world that can play a violin, but almost all of us can make a violin squeak.” The radio host responded with the remark that it therefore didn’t seem to “make much sense” to “line up to pay the $3000 for the ten day RV courses, to teach the public and the individual how to remote view,” since “we can all do it [RV] to a small degree.” And how good we can become at the RV skill, he suggested, “is such a highly individualized idea.”


In other words, just because everyone can “make a violin squeak,” [by analogy, remote view to a minimal extent], but very few ever reach the stature of the noted concert violinist Heifitz [become exceptional remote viewers], it seems foolish to pay somebody a relatively large sum of money to provide training to enhance remote viewing ability.


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