Remote Viewing or Astral projection

Astral Projection – The process of separating your astral body from your physical body to accomplish travel in the astral.

The act of separating the astral body from the physical body. Also known as Astral Travel.

Out Of Body Experience Astral Projection

An out-of-body experience often occurring during sleep or a meditative state during which the etheric body separates from the physical body and travels over great distances to another location as the result of an altered state of consciousness.

Out-of-body Experience

The out-of-body experience can be a dramatic one. Clinically, this falls into a phenomenon called “dissociative experience or disorder.”

Often the experiences that create this feeling are powerfully ecstatic or traumatic. In either case, the feeling is similar to watching oneself in a film. Basically, whatever is going on in the dream is so powerful that the dreamer is separating herself from experiencing it directly. The result is a self watching the self in a moment of life. Dreams of this nature can be very revealing about the self at work in the world (see Medard Boss). Lucid dreaming can also create this feeling. In lucid dreaming, the dreamer is conscious of dreaming and may be watching herself in the dream.

Dreams of this nature may create a feeling that the dreamer has projected herself into another sphere of reality, creating a sense of astral projection. This idea has been popularised by certain paranormal studies on perceptions of reality.

Native American cultures view the out-of-body experience as a fuller unity of the soul with nature. As such, it is not surprising that they hold such experiences in high regard. It is in this sense that you can consider the out-of-body experience a brush with great power-in a world of physical limitations you suddenly have the ability to go wherever you wish to go. You have complete control regarding your place in the universe.

Conversely, another possible out-of-body experience involves a complete loss of power: seeing yourself lying on an operating table in a hospital.

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