One Universal Mind – Remote Viewing Training Works!

Here’s an email message from Peter Shepherd about the One Univesrsal Mind program. If you’ve been doing this training – or have any questions about it – please drop us a line!

“I’ve been doing the Academy’s courses for just a few months, and frankly they are a revelation – I wish I’d had them some years ago when I was starting my own The Insight Project sessions, I would have saved a lot of time! The two approaches work together miraculously. The accompanying information pans out well too, with what I have discovered in my own sessions. These approaches don’t replace each other – instead they are pieces of a jigsaw that makes up a whole picture of personal and universal truth. Not just as theory but fully experienced. I find that incredibly exciting!

The Academy’s reputation was established with the ‘Remote Viewing Course,’ developed by Gerald O’Donnell, the world’s leading expert on Remote Viewing techniques. He was the first and only researcher to reveal the connection between the Universal Mind and the Delta/Sleep (1-4 Hz) brain wave state. The course – delivered in the form of audio tapes – teaches how to easily and effortlessly access the Universal Mind or ‘Source.’ This gives the ability to view remotely through space and even through time. Using the tapes is a wonderful experience and yes – they do indeed work!

We all have psychic abilities, like we all have the ability to drive a car. But if we don’t learn to drive, the car stays in the garage. Psychic abilities are skills and don’t automatically result from handling case issues (conflicts of belief and identity and so on) – though such handlings may be necessary to release blocks to our abilities, that we may have brought into this life and affect our ‘natural talent.’ However, the required skills still need to be learned and practiced through to competence.

The Academy’s courses are designed for that purpose.

The Insight Project clarifies our identity and removes conflicts within our belief system, giving personal power of pure intent, and Holosync helps too by improving the brain’s hemispheric communication and relieving body/mind stress. This provides a bedrock of stability and high emotional vibration that ensures security and enjoyment in paranormal exploits. Then if we are interested in expanding our viewpoint in this way, we need training such as the Academy of Remote Viewing provides so effectively.”

One Response to One Universal Mind – Remote Viewing Training Works!
  1. Adrian
    October 6, 2010 | 12:07 pm

    I’ve just read your Stonehenge experience. That is exactly what happened for me when, in 2007, I went into deep meditation to link with Madeleine McCann. I first saw inside, then through the window, (I think using her eyes, and had a mental conversation with her), and later I was actually there: outside, seeing for myself the locating features, smells, and wonderful colours.
    This was accompanied by a deep emotion of pure love and compassion.
    The memory of that experience enabled me to find this place, though over 1000 miles away.