The Power of Thoughts- A Quantum Perspective (great vid)

“Your thoughts create your reality.” – Yeah, but how? You may ask. That’s why I want you to watch the video below. It gives you a very cool scientific approach (quantum physics that is!) to explaining the power of thought.

YouTube Preview Image

Find out how the mind can influence the behavior of subatomic particles and physical matter and let me know what your comments are.

2 Responses to The Power of Thoughts- A Quantum Perspective (great vid)
  1. Sean Isaacs
    September 4, 2010 | 2:50 pm

    The study about the effect upon water by various stimuli i.e. heavy metal music and classical music was insightful. Much to think about here. I will continue to explore the theories espoused in this video.

    • Gabriele Konig
      November 23, 2010 | 6:17 am

      Hi Sean,
      There is a documentary about water called The Mystery of Water. I found it on youtube I think you would enjoy it.