Remote Viewing Western European Protocols – Gerald O'Donnell Interview Transcript

Interview Transcript: Michael Jura Interview with Gerald O’Donnell – Remote Viewing

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Hi everyone, this is Michael Jura and I am on the line here with Gerald O’Donnell, and one of the things that we are going to do today is get information from Gerald O’Donnell regarding Western European protocols of remote viewing.

Now just a few weeks ago, we had Ed Dames on the line and he kind of blew us away with some of the stuff that he shared.

Today we thought we’d get experience and insights from a remote view from a completely different part of the planet, this time a non-American remote viewer.

So Gerald, it’s a pleasure to have you online, could you do us a favor and tell us a little bit about your background and how you got involved with remote viewing?

Gerald O’Donnell: Okay, I got involved in remote viewing in the beginning of the 1980s until close to the late years of the 1980s, I was part of a joint operation in Western Europe between western Europe intelligence services and law enforcement agencies. It was done in a some how different way in the US because there was no academic background nor feed back given at that point. And some of those operations, or some of those services are still operating using these protocols so I cannot reveal all that has been done, and all that is being done now. 

Michael Jura: I understand, I fully understand. But out of curiosity Gerald, is remote viewing still being actively used by many western European governments?

Gerald O’Donnell: Yes, of course.

Michael Jura: Can you give us an example of what they would be using it for now, given that the cold war is effectively over?

Gerald O’Donnell: Well, maybe the Cold war is over but many more wars are happening all over the planet, so they would be using it for exactly the same purpose that they were using it before, which is really trying to investigate other locations or situations or people that cannot be investigated in a different way, a lot of the times during remote influencing, those situations and individuals. It’s a tool.

Michael Jura: I see, and I am curious if this is as widely accepted in Europe and publicly made acceptable in Europe as it is in the US, I mean just to give you an example, in the US the Marin county police department has openly shared that they use psychics to help them solve cases, and even President Jimmy Carter in 1995 disclosed the contents of part of the Stargate program. Are western European governments as willing to admit that they are funding such research?

Gerald O’Donnell: At some level yes, it is not officially published everywhere, it’s not being declassified as it’s been here, so there is less publication about it. The eastern Europeans are publishing a lot of research papers and pretty open about this situation. There is most going on in Eastern Europe than there is in Western Europe as a whole.

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