Soviet Research into Remote Viewing

Soviet Remote ViewingAs early as the 1920s, the Soviets were conducting research in the areas connected to remote viewing. By the height of the Cold War, their arsenal of psychic weapons may have been much more impressive than we thought. Check out this detailed piece on Soviet research and experiments in the paranormal. Yet another great piece of info from the Plus Ultra Tech website. reprinted here in full for your convenience.

Remote Viewers in the Soviet Union and China

It was the Soviet Union that pulled ahead of the world in the area of remote viewing. One name that seems to be highly regarded in remote viewing circles is Tim Rifat. We could not learn much about him. He is the author of several books which are listed in Amazon. On Amazon’s site, it is claimed that Rifat is an expert in RV (Remote Viewing) and runs a company in Europe, entitled, Paranormal Systems Management. We could not find this company listed on the Internet.

According to Rifat in the 1920′s there was a lot of research done in the area of parapsychology in the Soviet Union. When Stalin took power, in 1937, he ordered it stopped, due to its possible conflicts with the materialism current in the Soviet ideology. Researchers such as Vladamir Bekhterev (Bekhterev may have been killed by Stalin after he diagnosed him with extreme paranoia), A.G. Ivanov-Smolesky, and B.B. Kazhinsky were studying the brain and how it worked, including aspects of how it could be conditioned. At that time the phrase “remote viewing” was unknown, having been penned in the 1970s by the researchers working on Project Stargate. During these times in the Soviet Union and in Europe, this research would have been called “electromagnetic bio-information transfer.”

After the death of Stalin parapsychological studies slumbered until fictional reports surfaced in the French media in the 1960s of telepathic communications between individuals in the United States and the nuclear submarine Nautilus. The Russians then awakened their research with the influence of Leonard Leonidovich Vasilev (1891-1966), a professor of Physiology in the University of Leningrad. He published several books, among them Mysterious Phenomena of the Human Psyche, 1959 and Experiments in Mental Suggestion, 1962. By 1973, the Soviet government was spending 20 million rubles in a nationwide effort, which propelled them far ahead of the West in telepathy. According to Rifat, they had by this time already organized teams of physiologists, physicists, psychologists, mathematicians, cyberneticians, neurologists and electronic engineers to investigate telepathy and conduct experiments in long-range thought transference.

In 1963, Vasilev claimed to have achieved repeatable, long distance telepathic communication between Leningrad and Sevastopol with the aid of a UHF radio transmitter. This research spread to the rocketry with the statement, by K.E. Tsiolkovsky that, “In the coming era of space flights, telepathic abilities are necessary. While the space rocket must bring men toward knowledge of the grand secrets in the universe, the study of psychic phenomena can lead us toward knowledge of the mysteries of the human mind. It is precisely the solution of this secret which promises the greatest achievements.” Although this may sound strange to most readers, it should be noted that Edgar Mitchell made 150 separate attempts to project his thoughts from inside the Apollo 14 flight to the moon in 1971 with success according to him.

Alexander Ivanov, produced a startling paper in the International Journal of Parapsychology about eyeless vision. It was based on previous experiments conducted at the Odessa Institute by the parapsychologist Aleksei N. Leontiev (1903-1979). In these experiments, he attempted to train the blind to distinguish colors by merely their touch. He claimed that they could distinguish between black, white, red and green paper. After this was achieved, he then proceeded to teach them to “see” pictures through touch. This then progressed to being able to travel distant rooms and describe their layouts, thus attaining psychic viewing. Ivanov’s research, studied the idea that energy fields were imprinted on matter. He attempted to attach harmful energy fields to objects, thus using them as poison to sicken an enemy.

From these researches, the Soviets attempted to increase the amplitude by doing their remote viewing in the theta state of rest. This state was thought to produce an enhanced ability at paranormal activity. Hypnosis, drugs and meditation were tried to inculcate the theta state of consciousness. Schumann’s resonance, was thought to produce even more enhanced abilities. It was rumored that they could even produce remote killings and the influencing of large numbers of people.

The Soviets apparently figured out how to block American psychic viewers from entering their secret areas. They used a Tesla coil for this purpose. According to Rifat:

These anti-remote viewing devices are now widely deployed in the top-secret bases of not only Russian but US underground military and research facilities. In an off-the-record interview, a retired US Special Forces, CIA trained, PSI-warfare expert involved in the remote-viewing program discussed this anti-remote-viewing technology. He attested to the fact that by the end of the century, the US will have totally effective anti-remote-viewing devices in all their top-secret installations, so concerned are they about the effectiveness of remote viewing and remote influencing.

Rifat claims to have a Department of Intelligence Agency document which specifies that the Soviets were accomplished at projecting the energy of the body to the location viewed and performing psychokinesis (telekinesis). It gets more spectacular than this. According to Rifat, the Soviets had successfully “apported” objects. Apporting was the abduction of objects from one location to another without physical means. The apported object was teleported from a remote location by a direction of energy by an individual. According to Soviet reports these projections of energy sometimes produced luminous clouds in the room to which the energy was projected. Thus the mind converted these objects to “force-matter,” disintegrating it and reintegrating it at the will of the remote viewer. One such spectacular psychic was Nina Kulagina. She was supposedly able to alter the heart of a Frog. She repeated the experiment on a skeptic psychiatrist. It was interrupted by the technicians before he would go into cardiac arrest.

There was the additional investigation into telepathic scanning. The idea was to ask a question to the targeted individual which that individual would think was being asked by himself. He would then give the answer to himself and the psychic intruder would receive it. The targeted individual would never know that the question was asked by someone else beside himself. The Soviets even found ways to tap into telepathic conversations between remote viewers. They learned how to not only break the ESP data stream but change it with new ideas or words, thus “hacking into” these telepathic communications. Doctor Milan Ryzl, a Czech Biochemist at the Czech Institute of Biology did years of extensive research into PSI. He eventually defected from Czechoslovakia along with his family and his valuable library.** The Soviets, like the Americans also used dowsing in military operations in Vietnam.

We have only scratched the surface of all the investigations that were done by the Soviet regime. Thousands of Russians and foreigners as well as American politicians such as Richard Nixon, were experimented on without their knowledge. Many all over the world are awakening from these experiments and coming forward. One site which is trying to document all of this supported by Cheryl Welsh, titled Mind Justice. It is a tremendous resource in this area.

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