China's Psychic Kids – Remote Viewing Experiments

Chinese Remote ViewingWe don’t hear much about it, but the Chinese have been experimenting with remote viewing and other psychic phenomenon for some time. They’ve done  experiments with psychic kids and had phenomenal results.

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China’s Psychic Children


According to an article in the science-fiction magazine Omni, dated January, 1985, by Marcello Truzzi, thousands of Chinese children had developed psychic abilities. Some examples, were verified by scientists from the Chinese government.

One skill the children were able to develop was ‘psychic writing’, a technique where they were asked to imagine some written words on a blank piece of paper inside a closed pencil case. The case would be opened a short time later and on it were the words written in pencil. A girl from Shanghai called Xiao Kiong was the first to demonstrate this ability and so in 1981, EHF researchers at Yunnan Wenshan Teachers’ College in Yunna Province selected 5 children with EHF for further training. It was soon found that when blindfolded, these children were able to see with their ears, nose, mouth, tongue, armpits, hands or feet. These tests were not right just some of the time, they were flawless. American new-age magazine Omni got involved when the tests were set up to check there could be no cheating.

More demonstrations were made which astounded the observers, both scientific and civilian.

From a stack of books one was selected, then opened at random and a page was ripped out and crumpled up in to a small ball. It was placed in the armpit of one of the children – and the child could read every word on the page perfectly. After many more tests Omni magazine became convinced these kids were for real. But Omni were not the only ones present. Zhu Yiyi, editor of Shanghai’s Nature Magazine, a prestigious science journal also witnessed these events.

One experiment was done in front of thousands by a little girl.

On another occasion, a thousand people were sitting in an auditorium and were each given a rose-bud. A six-year-old girl came on stage and with a silent wave of her hand; the thousand rosebuds would slowly open to fully blossom into beautiful roses before the eyes of the astonished audience. Another child would take a sealed bottle off a shelf at random and place it at the centre of a table. After a few moments the pills passed through the glass bottle and settled on the table. In many cases, the child would then take another object, such as a coin, put it on the table and it would pass back into the sealed bottle.

Do you know any ‘psychic kids’? Were you able to see, know or hear things when you were young that you can’t easily see, know or hear now? Do you think kids are more able to learn remote viewing than adults because they’ve had less time to think it’s impossible? Leave a comment and let me know.

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