Remote Viewing Methods

remote viewing methodsThere are are a number of different methods for successful remote viewing. Most people agree that the  ability to remote view is natural in humans. We’re all born with this capacity, yet few of us ever develop it. This is why for some, remote viewing appears to be a kind of super power. But what experimenters have found is that, by employing specific methods, anyone can learn to remote view.

Keeping this in mind, it’s true that some remote viewers seem to be better at it than others. So far in my research, I haven’t come across many arguments about why this is. It’s my thought that, even though remote viewing is something anyone can learn, not everyone will be great at it. It’s kind of like basketball, dancing, or underwater basket weaving, for that matter – we might all be able to learn these things, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be any good at it.

So with this in mind, let’s have a quick look at the two primary methods for learning how to remote view.

Extended Remote Viewing (ERV)

With extended remote viewing, the remote viewer works with a partner. They lay down in a dimmed or darkened room, and then use some method to shift their mind into the theta state. From here, they begin to view their target and tell their partner what they’re seeing. The partner is responsible for jotting things down. The partner may also ask questions. After the ERV session is over, the viewer is given paper and pencil to write down anything missed during the session.

Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV)

It was Ingo Swann who put together a set of specific steps for effective, CRV. These steps, or methods have to do with sketching and writing down information following strict protocols. The viewer is in a fully alert state during CRV, and conducts the sketching/writing on his or her own. CRV goes through six specific stages, each one built upon the one before it. This staging system was designed to expand the scope or view of what’s being seen from narrow and specific to the widest possible picture a viewer can see.

Have you used one of these two methods in your remote viewing practice? If you have – and especially if you’ve used both – leave me a comment and tell me about your experiences. Which do you prefer? What’s your success rate with one or the other?

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