Holiday Message From Gerald O'Donnell

holiday message Gerald O'DonnellHey everyone,
I want to wish you a very happy holidays. As we ready for the coming year, I and plenty of others are hoping for greater awakening, insight and powerful, positive change.
In honor of the holidays, Gerald O’Donnell has written a message for all you Remote Viewers out there. It’s worth reading and keeping in mind. Have a look and leave a comment to tell us your vision for a more unified spiritual dimension in the coming year!
Talk soon,

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

2010 is about to close its portal. Much has happened, albeit mostly behind the scenes.

This year was a year of intense high-level Divine Remote Influencing intervention, great parts of which I am very much aware of, to avoid a gigantic clash in the Middle East which could have wrecked this whole Creation. There was a tremendous level of cause-and-effect-crescents’ intervention to rapidly de-vibrate the very toxic elements of dark oil which were seeping uncontrollably for months in the US Gulf of Mexico region after the “Deep Horizon” deep-drilling platform “accident,” which could have disrupted the flow of the ocean’s life-giving ecological balance and sustenance for most of our planet if no Divine intervention would have occurred.

As of now, humanity is not kept alive (and relatively well so) because of our human intelligence and scientific progress and/or technologies, but rather in spite of our present still very low-level restricted functions.

The Divine Hope was and still is that we would understand that as much as we human Creatures have been gifted limited free will and co-Creative input, we need to recognize that Higher and closer elements/Beings to Source or Source Itself are also certainly allowed to co-create here, and that the vibrational and Creational tools they have at their disposal are by far greater in power and impact than ours. All that separates us from this highly important realization is our limited but over-inflated human egoic mind.

The Divine Hope was and still remains that we will finally understand that each and every so-called convulsive and close to catastrophic event we are, as of late, experiencing, for the last couple of years, carries a deep embedded lesson within it from The One Himself: a Loving warning message as to behaviors we have learned to embrace that need to be corrected in the future and changed as rapidly as possible, for our own good and survivability.

This applies to our recent and still unfolding world financial crisis, economical dislocations, earth changes, geopolitical flash points, potentially dangerous technologies espoused in a rush for short-term gratification, etc. The core message is clear: “Please change your state of awareness and consciousness as the global family which you are and then help “download from Higher intelligence,” co-create, and apply new structures that will, in the future, avoid such dangerous dislocations and imbalances. Notice how all is global now and affecting all and everywhere. Notice how all needs the solution of Oneness in order to be finally resolved.”

Human consciousness has evolved from the conditional loving and separative, self-centered, egoic, protective instinct of first, tribal consciousness, to city/state one, then nationalistic passion, to blocks of countries with common cultural prototypes, and has of late found itself, albeit reluctantly so, on the cusp of embracing all of humanity within a global perspective. For in reality the message is simple: ALL is One and all affects the Oneness. At our level of conditional human love, we also experience this basic tenet in the manifest phenomenal world. This is why this planetary consciousness is now facing planetary challenges, and humanity needs to unite across all divides in order to survive and solve global problems. The structures for human unconditional unity and love are still quite crude here. Humans are still mired in conditional love and self-centered interests and cannot make these structures fully functional and systematically beneficial to all.

The key ingredient missing from our convulsing plane is the unifying Spiritual dimension, in which a separative, conditionally loving humanity based upon the desire to receive and accumulate material gifts transcends the “dust to dust” state (for all material things including our biological vessels go back to dust). This is when humanity finally accepts and decides to unify with its Spiritual, unconditionally Loving, Life-giving Source and operate in unison under the unconditionally Loving, life-giving vibration. It is when humanity realizes that deep within us lies the Real Eternal Self surrounding Itself with only an environmental, lesser mortal vehicle/vessel destined to dust and originating from it, and that mankind’s main focus should be on the evolvement and improvement of the condition of that very Inner Eternal Divine Self, using the help of the outer vehicles we travel within as Spirit, and not the other way around, as is the case now within matter-oriented earth.

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