Multiple Universes And Remote Viewing – How Do You Know Which Is Right?

Here’s the dilemma: If there are multiple universes all existing at the same time, either in fact or in potentiality, and you plan a remote viewing session to target a future event, you might wind up getting information on any possible future. So how do you know if it’s THE future you’re after?

Dr. Courtney Brown has structured a method for selecting a specific possible future to target with remote viewing – whether it’s the one that comes to pass or not.

Brown presented his “Evidence of Multiple Universes” talk at the U. of Virginia’s annual Society for Scientific Exploration event. He uses remote viewing data collected with a strict protocol, showing that you can, in fact, view multiple possible futures.

Using the famed, “Two Slit” quantum experiment to set the conceptual framework, he explains how to select and then isolate a single, future possible reality.

Check out this vid and let me know what you think.

YouTube Preview Image

A little bit mind-bending, eh? Let me know what you think of his ‘scenario 4′.

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