Psychic Ninja – Interview With Lyn Buchanan

psychic ninja Lyn BuchananLyn Buchanan talks about the history and background of Remote Viewing with Kim Greenhouse on It’s Rainmaking Time. He clarifies the difference between Controlled Remote viewing and psychic readings, emphasizing that ‘its a scientific approach with clearly defined protocol. Similar to a discipline like the martial arts, Buchanan explains, it takes practice, focus and discipline.

There’s a communication between your conscious and subconscious mind during a remote viewing session and with practice, you move beyond guess work and into a more clear communication with the part of your subconscious that has the psychic knowledge on targets you’re wanting to view.

In essence, the protocols and practices of remote viewing build communication between the conscious and subconscious mind, and he says “it works extremely well,” providing highly detailed information.

The process goes like this:

  1. Ask a question to your subconscious mind.
  2. Pass the question to your subconscious mind.
  3. The subconscious responds with a physical reaction – sensations, or impressions.
  4. When you’re trained enough to know what the reactions mean, you also know the answer.

Simple? Yes! Easy? No. And this is why controlled remote viewing still seems to be the domain of very few.

If you’ve got any confusion about how remote viewing works or why you’re not yet as successful as you want to be, this interview is worth listening to. But whether you’re new to remote viewing or this skill is ‘old hat’ for you, Buchanan’s clarity and easy attitude make for an engaging, informative hour.

Listen to Lyn’s interview here.

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