WHy Learn Remote Viewing? – The Benefits For You!

remote viewing benefitsHey folks,

Do any of you read “Prediction” magazine? I just found a great piece on remote viewing on their site? Most of it is an overview answering the ‘what’s and ‘hows’ of remote viewing – stuff we’ve covered many times here. But what’s interesting is their section on the personal benefits of remote viewing. I’m republishing that section of the article for you below. You can check out the entire article here.

The benefits for you

Remote viewing does not only help to locate people and objects or view distant locations. It can also act as a powerful mind tool to help you develop your intuition, increase your inner peace and release your old and debilitating beliefs that may be withholding you from achieving your deepest dreams and desires. Remote viewing exercises help you expand your mind to be able to manifest what you desire. Indeed, any exercises that practice distinguishing subconscious images from the interference that comes from your thoughts will boost your psychic powers and reinforce your connection to a higher plane. Start by trying it yourself, working through the exercise on the previous page. Find ways to incorporate it into your daily life – try ‘reading’ letters before you open them; or imagine what’s in your email inbox before you open it. With practice, who knows where your skills could lead you?

Popular uses of remote viewing

• To find the location of a missing person or object
• Predicting financial markets and general investment trends
• Help in identifying and locating wanted and potential terrorists or criminals by sensing their future intentions and plans
• Locating runaways
• Finding mineral (gold, silver, and so on) or petroleum deposits
• Artefact hunting • Unsolved cases or mysteries

Develop your remote viewing clairvoyance

• Buy a local map of an area you don’t know but that you can drive to at a later date to assess your accuracy.
• Open the map and hold a pendulum or your hand over the map until you feel a connection with a certain area.
• Now close your eyes and make an intention to ‘see’ this area in your mind’s eye.
• Watch the pictures that form in your mind. After five minutes stop and make a note of all that you have seen.
• Now in your mind, ask to see these images in greater detail. Just watch the mental images unfold and after five more minutes make a note.
• Do this again and over the next five minutes pay attention to any thoughts, physical sensations or change in emotion and then make a note of this.
• Drive to the location and check your results!

What other benefits have you gotten from remote viewing? Leave a comment and let me know.



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