US Air Force, Psychic Probes And Remote Viewing

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UFO Briefcase has posted an interesting article raising the question – is the US Air Force using ‘psychic probes’ that rely on remote viewing? Pretty interesting stuff. Check it out and see what you think.

US Air force has Psychic UFO Probe Team

New evidence has come to light to suggest that the US Air Force has a team of what we term ‘Psychic Probes’ that are able to interrogate a key witness by drawing on remote viewing techniques.

These psychic ‘probes’ are quite literally Air force personnel who have been training in the psychic arts to connect with key individuals of interest where a questioning process takes place often within the subconscious realm of the targeted individual.

Based on the information we were supplied, these techniques appear to be a hybrid that draw on both remote viewing and telepathic skills.

During an interrogation process, the Psychic Probe will direct his thoughts to the individual of interest and are able to hone-in even if they do not know what the individual looks like. It was explained that they can make a ‘connection’ with simple identifiers such as an alias or first name. To help ‘zero-in’ they will draw on current knowledge of affiliations such as a website or article written by the individual.

Our source stated “These exercises are used to capture key intelligence when assessing risks associated with a particular incident or organization. In some cases, they have been able to extract credentials to gain access to secured areas such as a website that is of interest to the US Government”.

We have named our source ‘Joe’ to protect his identity. He claims to be a retired Air Force officer that wishes to remain anonymous.

What do you Think?

Does the US Air Force have a psychic spy program and what evidence is there to support such claims? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

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