Use Crystals And Gemstones To Enhance Your Remote Viewing Sessions

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Just found this site on different ways to use crystals and gemstones. Pretty interesting stuff – especially the section on how to use crystals to super-charge your remote viewing sessions. The piece is from and I’m reprinting the whole section below for your convenience.

Remote Viewing with Crystals

Remote viewing allows the practitioner to travel through time and space, through the past and the future and through any location through the globe to gather information, without leaving their current location. How is this possible you might ask? All of the viewing is possible through the mind, where the person is able to use information to predict the future, create a glimpse into the past and even to learn about the past lives that the person may have experienced.

How is remote viewing possible?

As humans, we only use a small portion of the brain through our day to day activities. Many people have learned the techniques that are required to tune into the powerful parts of the brain that have a wide range of opportunity to develop and see the future, connecting with the physical and spiritual realm simultaneously.

Using the connection between the spiritual and physical realm, you can learn to develop the tools that are required to gain the skills associated with remote viewing. The connections can enable you to transform the mind into a vessel that is able to access this information, increasing the knowledge and the ability to look into the future or into the past to access information.

What types of crystals can be used for remote viewing?

Using crystals to enhance the skills that are require for remote viewing is an effective way to be able to view more, enhance the strength in which the visions are seen and even a great way to develop the remote viewing skills for beginners.

Third eye crystals

that have the ability to increase the openness of the mind or increase the potential psychic powers that can be developed are some of the most effective way to be able to create the images and pictures that can be seen through the remote viewing process.

Specific crystals that can be an effective way to increase the powers that are associated with remote viewing include: hematite, carnelian, sodalite and amethyst. The high frequencies and vibrations in these crystals can help to open the channels of the mind between the physical and spiritual plane.

How can you use these crystals for remote viewing?

It is important to ensure that the crystals have been programmed correctly to enhance the remote viewing skills that are developed.First, using the right types of crystals and second, ensuring that they have been cleansed and activated for the purposes of remote viewing can be the most effective way to ensure that the results are going to be heightened and the skills required are going to be enhanced.

Cleansing and activating the crystals with the most potent technology can assure the best results for the person that is trying to enhance or develop their experience with remote viewing. Isochronic cleansing method are the latest and most potent technique that has been developed to both cleanse and activate the crystals. Using frequencies that are exposed to the crystals through the use of pure tones the vibrations that can affect the potency of the crystals can be removed and therefore increase the effectiveness of the viewings that are taking place by the practitioner.

Using crystals through the sessions can help to increase the ease of the viewings that are seen as well as increasing the instances that the remote viewings can take place.

Have you ever used crystals for remote viewing? After reading this do you think you’ll give it a try? Leave a comment and let me know.

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