Don't Worry, Be Happy!!

Yes, I’m feeling a little uneasy right now about the global financial situation. And that’s why I’ve been pouring bucket loads of my time into research on financial predictions made by remote viewers.

Because quite frankly, remote viewing has been more reliable in my life than anyone’s promise to me. Especially when time and time again, remote viewing has brought me proven results to improve my life.

So anyway… after doing a lot of research across all the remote viewing experts, I found that Ed Dames is the only one that has a specific, proven and refined method to predict the financial future.

Now, some of you may have already gotten an email from me some time ago to see this video on YouTube. But I’m sharing it again specifically here on this blog because, as of now, the time has never been more crucial to bring this little known secret about Ed Dames into the limelight.

And that secret is: Ed Dames can show you how you can use remote viewing to MAKE MONEY.

Many of you have probably already seen “Ed Dames Learn Remote Viewing foundational training DVD course”. For those of who’ve already tried it, even better!

But I apologize that I have never really publicly talked about how Ed also teaches how to use remote viewing to not just predict the financial future, but how to make money from it.

Yes, on top of the foundational training, I’m here to tell you that Ed Dames has specialized advanced workshops — specifically focused on making money.

Here’s a comment from one person about the workshop:

“I don’t usually post praise like this but I went to this LIVE workshop at $500 a ticket and was LIFE CHANGING!!! This system is one of the best kept secrets Remote Viewers have been using for eyars to make money. Again, thank you Ed Dames SO SO SO SO MUCH for releasing this to the public. This info is priceless!”

– Posted by “foodstorage4u” on YouTube

So, here’s food for thought. What would your life be like if you too could do what Ed Dames does?

Well, your appetite will be satisfied to know this other little secret: I am going to show you how you too can predict the financial market… for a fraction of the price of Ed Dames’ $500 Live Workshop.

I’ll let you know soon. Stay posted.


16 Responses to Don't Worry, Be Happy!!
  1. Mark Biemans
    November 18, 2008 | 1:50 am

    My advice:
    Buy a ‘droomdome’ ( ) and sell it next year.

    Good luck,

    Mark Biemans

  2. PJ Haenelt
    November 18, 2008 | 5:52 am

    I ordered the remote viewing and influenceing CDs and listened to them over and over again but still can’t seem to see the future. It does relax me and at times when I am tired it puts me to sleep……… but no future or distant visits. How long does it take to get to the future…… just each day as I live them?

  3. Emily
    November 18, 2008 | 7:23 am

    I know exactly what is going to happen in the future, and i do not need to buy any remote viewing course to figure it out. The financial future looks like this…

    First of all, before too long, there will be no more cash. Cash will become obselete. In case you were unaware, even welfare recipients and people on any sort of government “aid” program such as SSI are no longer sent checks in the mail each month, but rather their funds are deposited into a bank acct, even if these people cannot get a “normal” bank acct, they can get this “special” type. They are all now given debit cards so as be to able to withdraw funds from the money that is wired into these “special” bank accts, and they can go to virtually any ATM machine and get money. So, the bottom line is that even the homeless and near destitute are becoming used to using plastic.

    It wont be long before everyone will be only using plastic. It all started when they came out with debit cards for those with terrible credit, and now, virtually everyone has at least a debit card.

    It is becoming more and more rare to see anyone using cash. Just take a look around; notice how people are paying for their groceries in the check out line, almost without exception it is with some type of plastic.

    Merchant service firms are everywhere now. About the only thing you cannot buy without plastic is dope (not speaking from personal experience, just seems dope dealers would not take credit or debit cards as they would not want any paper chase, lol).

    This is just one of the primary ways this country and then the entire world will become one big police state, with “Big Brother” looking over you shoulder no matter where you are.

    When “cash is [no longer] king” it will mean the end of any privacy whatsoever. Supermarkets already know exactly what each of its customers buy. I bet they know how long a roll of toilet tissue lasts each person!!! Of course they do, they got the records when you join their little “discount clubs,” which are not not discount anything as all the prices are just hiked up and i know, from personal experience, when i go to my local supermarket if i forget my “club card,” i will simply have the store use its own, and if they refuse, i will just have to fill out another form, and get another one of their club cards, and always, i use a fake name and fake everything.

    You must have plastic to buy off the internet, and everybody is doing that now, so that is another reason plastic soon will be the only thing one can use.

    What am i going to do about this invasion of my privacy? Probably get a job with Mind Valley and move to the Far East, and enjoy going to work everyday, if they will even contemplate hiring anyone over the age of 25!!! LOL

    Hey Vishen, ya hear me!!!

    Ciao bello,


  4. Nola
    November 18, 2008 | 9:01 am

    I also do not need a CD course to predict the future of our economy. All I need to do is look at the past. In the 1930s we experienced a global depression, which followed a period of economic expansion the likes of which had never before been seen in recorded history. Sound familiar so far? Unfortunately, the expansion was based on falsified values which companies placed on their stock.

    Following that worldwide crash, government–again worldwide, but we will now confine our discussion to the U.S. because that’s what I know more about–regulation followed, to avoid such an occurrence in the future. The regulation involved both the stock market–think SEC and the reporting it requires, and the limits on when people who have insider information can trade their stock–and also the banking system–think various federal agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission, the Treasury, and several others. Plus, the system of insurance for bank deposits, savings and loans deposits, and credit union deposits was devised. You might be more familiar with the acronyms: FDIC insured, FSLIC insured, and FCUIC insured.

    I remember studying the gread depression in high school, and we were told it could never happen again, because regulations were in place to protect against it.

    Then came Reaganomics and deregulation, with a prolonged Republican policy emphasis on letting the market adjust itself. Many of the regulations that were intended to protect the country from experiencing another depression were relaxed. We did have indications that the new policy was not working. The S&L bailout in the early 80s was one such, and the bursting of the bubble in early 2000, as well as a recession in the 90s could all be viewed as indications that something was fundamentally wrong with our economy. Of course, they were touted as “market corrections,” and viewed as normal.

    But laissez faire did not work in the past, and it is not working now. And the reason it has not worked and will not work is that our business schools are training the people who attend them to look at the short-term bottom line financially, without taking into consideration the need for a long-term vision for the companies they subsequently head, or for long-term ecological consequences of their actions.

    The crash of ’29 occurred because people got greedy, and falsified the values of the stock they were selling. The crash of 2008 occurred because some other people got greedy, and falsified the incomes of people who wanted to buy houses that were beyond their means. The deregulation that allowed these loans to take place without thorough documentation of an individual’s creditworthiness was a major cause of this crash.

    If people were sensible, and consistently disciplined about how they managed their business, to provide for long-term stability and growth, such crashes would not happen. But people are not always sensible, and are certainly not consistently disciplined. Nor, for the most part, do they take the longer view, and think in terms of how a policy will affect their children and grandchildren.

    The only way we got out of the depression last time was by entering a global war. But, we are already in a war this time, and it does not seem to be helping. I believe the reason for that is that last time, the war provided a reason to put all of our manufacturing capability to work producing war materiel. However, in today’s economy, most of our manufacturing has been sent abroad, because of cheaper labor costs in developing countries. So relying on war to get us out of the depression is unlikely to work a second time.

    I believe what will work–albeit slowly–is a fundamental restructuring of our economy. I’m thinking here that we need to pull together as a national community if you will, and put money into rebuilding our infrastructure. By infrastructure, I’m not just talking about our transportation system, although that certainly needs to be updated to use more high-speed trains across country, and reserve the trucking for local/regional carriers. I’m also talking about our energy grid and communication grid.

    Plus, our educational system needs to be updated to reflect the techno advances we have made. In most cases, a high school education is no longer adequate to prepare an individual for a place in the workforce.

    I estimate that making this change will take a decade or more, just as it did in the 1930s. In the meantime, I advise people who want to survive to work on their hunting, gathering, and farming skills. Learn to recognize what is edible when you go to your local park. Grow food in containers in your house or apartment, and if you have a yard, use it to grow edible food, rather than grass. Encourage your neighbors to do the same, and plant different crops, so you can share with each other. Also, try planting different varieties of a crop, that mature at different times, so you can enlarge your growing season.

    Or,if your zoning laws permit, and you have enough acreage, get a few chickens for eggs and meat, and a couple of dairy goats, for milk. (Use an artificial insemination service, so you don’t have to keep a billy goat around, as they can get quite aggressive.) You can also butcher out any male kids, and keep or sell the female kids so someone else can have access to milk. I have never been so glad in my life that I was raised on a to fall back on.

    If you have any savings, and have been thinking about starting your own business, now would be a great time to do so–as long as your business does not rely on old, outmoded concepts. But anything that lends itself to an ecologically as well as economically sound model should do well, particularly if you do not need credit to get it started. If you do, think of combining with one or more individuals who have similar interests in your area, and perhaps creating your very own “business incubator,” by obtaining larger premises than any one of you needs, and sharing your administrative services, such as phone service, filing, and payroll.

    Even though credit is tight, this is really a great time for innovative thinkers to start up their own businesses!

  5. Shiloh
    November 18, 2008 | 11:30 am

    Wow! I’m for Emily and Nola taking charge! Our Leaders should step aside and let you two take control! You sound like you’ve done your homework!
    Thanks for your interesting input!

  6. Michael Jura
    November 18, 2008 | 6:26 pm

    hey there, thanks for sharing such in-depth views. Its great to see different opinions and I just love to see such a diverse group of followers.

    Hi Emily! — you sound like my wife! I love how expressive you are and you remind me of when my wife (concerned as she was) went on and on when i first started remote viewing (she was a skeptic at first) but hey, I wouldn’t have her support today if remote viewing didn’t work!

    I guess what I’m trying to say is remote viewing your financial future is not just about seeing the global predictions (which, true, any good economist or analyst can tell you the GENERAL trends). I apologize that I wasn’t clearer in my post…. I should’ve stated that what Major Ed teaches is how to remote view YOUR PERSONAL financial future.

    I’m talking about SPECIFIC stocks that you should invest in based on your personal current situation. now, I don’t want to write too much here. but look out for my next post, I will be more clearer (promise!). thanks again for voicing your thoughts!

  7. Paneer
    November 18, 2008 | 11:30 pm

    Thats interesting I wish I can do that for my company, I like to learn how you do that.

  8. Talker
    November 19, 2008 | 6:28 am

    hi Michael and all,
    When I see only pumped up testimonials I’m suspiciouse.When I see some negs thats better, but not OK. The hype at times can make it all, seem easy to master, for some like me, its a firm desire to master the process, and has taken many quirky turns.
    Will be giving this course a ‘buy’ in the near future, as I have the books of the major writers listed. My blog details some of the ups and downs of learning material of this nature. I doubt that people like Dames, would put their rep on the line carelessly. It does take serious effort on ones part to master this kind of material. While I’ve not been 100% at remote viewing yet, have experienced it. So will be back to those lessons that I do have to see ‘what I may have missed. So don’t give up and stop the lessons, go back to the lessons with an open mind. When I finally get this course, will be posting my experiences with it.
    Be Well

  9. David
    November 19, 2008 | 9:05 am

    I wish to offer here some other possibilities that I have not heard talked about on the TV news. First the american public is rich compared to most of this planet. Second china and many of the asian countries are now into manufacturing and thier own industrial boom in thier economy. The rest of the world is watching china build a mighty military force and they are building a space program, and in many ways they are entering into the industrial age. It is all interlocked. Our economy is driving thier economy. If we cannot buy thier goods then they cannot sell them to any one cause no one else has enough money to buy them. Now for a second lets day dream a little…….What if china became agressive to other nations? (not to suggest anything) If this did happen we (meaning the rest of the industrial world) might have to meet them toe to toe on a battle field. well…… What if instead the rest of the industrial world and the powerfull players of the world chess game decided to use public opinion of the economy and other means to stop china from growing to be a possible world threat? Again this is still just a day dream with no facts only a dream :-) In this dream we have many dammaging things happening to the world economy but for those of us in this dream who are not living in china it will be more of a short term bump in the road for our econimics.
    Many things have been out of balance in this country like the former dotcom bubble that burst. People were buying and sellign things at a vary inflated price and it was not actually there…..they were buying and selling enpty air that had no value accept on paper. have you looked at stock prices in this country over the last few years and noticed that most stocks have more than doubled in value in the last few years? Is it because they have more equipment or more manufacturing plants and more employees and all of the things that make up the value of solid assets or are they just selling for more money??? I for one do not feel that we are entering another dark age. I believe (right or wrong) that tomorrow is a day of great promise and I believe that within a short time of readjustment things will be booming in this country again. One of the main influancing factors of a strong economy rest in the hands and minds of all of us in our perceprion of wheather or not tomorrow will be a good day. I look to this reshuffling of the haves and have nots as the golden oportunity of my lifetime. my wish is that I have enough forsight to take advantage of this matter is it unfolds.
    Some people seem to be worried about Obama as president. I do not think that any one man can have a vary great influance on this country. I recomend that spending less thought on what is on the television and more thought on what will happen in a few years when we are taxed for global warming carbon emmisions durring a time of global cooling might be time better spent. In some countries of the world political changes like we have just experienced are brought about by spilling much blood. I still think our system is a beter one and we are still all alive to deal with the next change if this one is ineffective to what we wish to accomplish. Have a nice day and thanks for reading my comments

    November 20, 2008 | 11:35 am

    As Emily said, you dont have to have a CD, even though I do remote viewing. The world are in a global crises we have to start doing our own farming, because look at the job market today there are 250,ooo people losing their jobs each month, and this is a global situation all around.We have to raise our own cattles, food, clothes, so we have to find ourself in places that we can do these things.

  11. Jessica
    November 20, 2008 | 3:34 pm

    Hi Michael:
    I have a biggie question for you. Ed Dames states emphatically, and not only once (!) that Remote Viewing doesn’t seem to recognize linear time that we function in. In fact, when discussing the terrorist attacks in Madrid, when he remote viewed, he asked what there the next terrorist strikes would take place – and through the diagrams etc. they were able to discover the where of it – so how about the when of it – do you ask for a headline in the papers showing the date. This relates to my query about the financial aspect of remote viewing, so here it is – If remote viewing is not linear time in nature, how can I find out about a stock going up in time to make a telling (paying) investment for myself – I could remote view IBM roaring up 300% but it doesn’t mean its gonna happen in my lifetime, so how is that hurdle overcome? Thanks Michael.
    PS I have ordered not only the basic, but two other of Ed’s courses – and I was familiar with who he was long before this, I’ve done my own research on RV and love it, can’t wait to get started and already had some success on 1st try with a different site -they gave you a few free lessons and then you could move on to test targets – convinced me, I sketched and color/smell described the pic which was Mt.St. Helen’s blowing up.
    Oh, another comment. Ed makes the remark that RV’ers are in Theta state – intense focus and concentration when working RV. So if that is the case, how helpful would CD’s be that help the brain achieve Theta state for helping when one is RVing?
    Thanks again, and you’ll be hearing from me as I go through my course material – can’t wait to get it.
    Best regards Jessica

  12. Jessica
    November 20, 2008 | 3:37 pm

    Sorry, I just re-read my post and might not have been clear enough. First off, Ed Dames asked Where is the next major terrorist attack going to occur. Where is operative word here.
    Stocks – If remote viewing isn’t based in linear time frames how does one discover relevant dates – i.e. when to buy and when to sell the rocketing stock.
    Hope this clarifies my babble above. : ) Thanks J

  13. John
    November 20, 2008 | 10:08 pm

    Wich is better? You seem to have indicated that O’Donell’s course is easyest and most acurate, yet you tend to push Dammes more. I have Dammes course and find it to be both frustrating and exuasting! I have not yet perchaced the O’Donnell course due to a lack of funds but from it’s description it would seem to be the better choice. I have researched O’Donnel and have found little against him whereas Dammes track record seems to be full of holes, I’m not trying to bad mouth anyone ,I would just like some clarity.


  14. Dr. Aretoula Fullam
    November 21, 2008 | 5:12 am

    Dear All,

    Remote Viewing is very easy and everybody can do it. It has been taught since the times of ancient Greeks at Delphi. The real secret or the true value of the RV is to be able to use your mental ability not only for detecting information, but to change the event, for example, prevent the event from happening or change the way the event is unfolding. This is the real key. Otherwise, it is simply another mental game. From all those programs that are here, only the original Silva Method Basic Lecture Series that has four units educates every person to do this successfully. The evidence since 1966 that the method is being taught is overwhelming and does not even need to be advertised.

    Detecting information is easy. How you use this information is the key. Have you gained the spiritual growth to use this information to make this a better place to live? To empower others to be authentic rather than use them for your benefit? To teach them how to discover the genius in them and live a whole and prosperous life with dignity?

    Dr. Aretoula Fullam

  15. Simple Meditation
    November 21, 2008 | 9:53 pm

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