Remote Viewing And NDEs – Dr. Melvin Morse Speaks on Coast-To-Coast

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Last week I share a video of Dr. Melvin Morse doing a live, controlled remote viewing session. This week he was on Coast-to-Coast AM with George Noory talking about remote viewing and Near Death experiences. You can check out the interview (during the 2nd hour) here. And I’m including details of the conversation from the Coast-to-Coast website here.

Remote Viewing & NDEs

Date: 06-15-11
Host: George Noory

Pediatrician and neuroscientist Dr. Melvin Morse spoke about remote viewing, children’s near-death experiences (NDEs), as well as consciousness research and mind-body healing. Remote viewing and near-death experiences share certain aspects, he noted. For instance, remote viewers draw what they call the “aperture” — a big long tunnel that is followed by a rainbow, and NDErs describe traveling through a tunnel filled with light. “When we die we have…the loss of input from all of our senses– that’s the darkness that people perceive, then we dip back into that billion bits of information,” the sensory stream that is the rainbow of light, he explained.

Children’s reports of NDEs are special because “they tell you exactly what they see and feel…without any of the added embellishments,” said Morse, citing the case of a little girl who was clinically dead, and after resuscitation said she was “shocked to see her [deceased] grandmother.” Studies of energetic healers have shown they can shrink tumors, yet in general they have not been employed for this purpose, he reported. Morse foresees that within the next 10-15 years the use of such healers will become commonplace.

Interestingly, new research has found that birds use remote viewing for navigation, applying non-local processes to gather information if just for a few micro-seconds, he shared. Dr. Morse will be speaking at two upcoming conferences– The International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA), on how remote viewing can be used to treat PTSD, and the IIIHS Conference in Montreal in July.

Has anyone else known kids who’ve had NDEs? Did any of you know about the research on birds and remote viewing? Fascinating stuff. Leave your comments and share your stories with me below.

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