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dark side of the moonHave you heard stories about astronaut Edgar Mitchell and lunar aliens? I just came across this article about Ingo Swann’s remote viewing of the dark side of the moon and Edgar Mitchell’s ET-related comments. This article is by Gary S. Bekkum and I found it in the American Chronicle. I’m reprinting the whole thing here for your convenience.

UFO’s? Alien Extraterrestrials? Is there some THING on the Moon?

by Gary S. Bekkum

In 1971, Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell walked on the Moon. Mitchell is one of only twelve humans to have explored the lunar surface.

Recently, I contacted Dr. Mitchell by email, after reading about the forthcoming fictionalized lunar mission film ‘Apollo 18′ — “there’s a reason we’ve never gone back to the moon” — concerning what he may or may not know about an alleged alien presence.

(Meanwhile, questions have been raised about when ‘Apollo 18′ will be landing in theaters. Currently the film is said to be on schedule for a September 2, 2011 release date.)

Are there extraterrestrial aliens based on the Moon? And how much does NASA, or anyone else in the US government, know?

The source of the ‘aliens on the moon’ story worked with the CIA and later held a TOP SECRET clearance for his contribution to a clandestine effort to obtain intelligence using “unusual sources and methods.”

According to this source, Ingo Swann, there is something very strange happening on the far side of the Moon.

In his out-of-print book “Penetration,” Swann related how, in 1975, he was recruited by an ultra-secret black-ops group interested in special observations of specific lunar coordinates.

When Swann checked the coordinates, he was shocked to see humanoid beings and artificial constructions on the lunar surface, all bathed in an eerie green fog.

Ingo Swann was recruited by American intelligence services — we have US government files which confirm this — to use his extraordinary human skills to psychically penetrate targets outside of the range of conventional observation.

The problem with Swann’s far-out story is that the ‘observations’ were made with his mind’s eye. Swann was America’s best psychic spy, following the untimely death of Pat Price, another star in CIA’s covert program to use paranormal phenomena for remote viewing of intelligence targets.

As for the alleged black ops interested in lunar interlopers? Even Swann does not know — or at the least, he isn’t telling.

So when I contacted astronaut Mitchell, I naturally inquired if he knew anything about visitors inhabiting our nearest neighbor in space, noting that Kit Green, a former CIA analyst who consults to the US Defense Intelligence Agency on emerging technology threats, had come forward about government contact with alleged extraterrestrial biological entities (see Mark Pilkington’s book “Mirage Men” and my own “Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape” for further information on the alleged alien presence).

“Gary, glad to exchange with you on these issues. I don’t know that I have perfect answers, but I do have some, ” Mitchell replied.

Do you think there could be aliens we can view remotely – either on the moon or anywhere? Tell me your opinion in the comments below.

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