Remote Viewing Prediction – Solar Storms Of 2013

remote viewing 2013Hi Guys,

I just came across a post that caught my eye. Why? Because the author, “Unknown32″ says his remote viewing sources call 2012 a “money making scheme”, with no roving planets, alien races or other wierdness headed our way. BUT, that doesn’t mean we’re outta the woods. What his sources DO see are major solar storms that can wreak havoc here on the little blue marble, with or without aliens. This is a comment thread from the Above Top Secret site. I’m reprinting the whole thing here for your convenience.

Remote viewing 2012-2013, and the future/ Information that might interest you!

There is over a couple billion, close to trillion people on this planet earth. A different person or group of different people could make a new prediction every day. Unless its the same group or singe person who has been making predictions for a while that have a 70% to 100% accuracy for every prediction they make then I would not pay much attention to them. I have some higher connections. They are remote viewers with a 80% accuracy by them self’s and 100% percent accuracy as a group.

What I can tell you what they told me is in no way can I release any names, organizations, for security and confidential protection. So if you are looking for proof , you will not find it here, you will have to take my word on it and or do a bit of homework. My connections have told me 2012 is a money making scheme. They have looked into the date 2012-2013 with remote viewing and see no aliens, no planet heading towards earth, ect.. But what they have warned me about the year 2012-2013 is we will have a massive solar storm that we never seen before and it will wipe out satellites and much of our technology.

It will take a couple months if not a few years to be back to normal in some country’s. Some will die who depend on electricity, cars, ect… Also the worlds biggest concern in the coming years will be the environment. Also we will have a major financial and part government collapse all over the world. Its is needed in order to rebuild better systems and is like a gift to us.

They also told me that close in the next 45 years, things are gonna hit the fan. 3/4 of the world population will be wiped out from the solar flares, storms, ect, and that a great alien race, humanoid, will land on earth to help rebuild and help us develop better technology and shelters for the world. But don’t worry, if you die in any of these events it was all planned and your soul chose this for you to experience. My friends do not believe in any religion or cults. But in there own opinion they say the power of prayer has positive results that seem to influence our reality and time.

They are not sure how this works and no ones really does buts worth a try when the world or person is in need of something positive. So do not pay much attention to false prophets and focus on the now moment. Learn to develop love in your heart and destroy your controlling belief systems. Lets live a little and enjoy life, life’s great!!

I like his message in the end – focus on the now, learn to develop love and basically focus on the good. And it’s pretty interesting that, although his contacts see no alien encounters in the near future, further ahead they do. Predicting the future is a tough one, because the choices we make all along the way could lead to different outcomes – possibly every single day. What do you think about using remote viewing to predict the future? Leave your comments below.

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