3 Reasons To Learn Remote Viewing

3 reasons remote viewingOkay folks,

I want your opinion. I try to bring you the latest in remote viewing info on the web. These days I have to scour because there’s a lot of junk out there, or just minor comments embedded in long, forum threads. But I just came across another something and I’m not sure whether it’s spot-on interesting or, well … a little shallow. (Not the health part – that’s a cool idea! But some of the other stuff). Stephanie Laverne talks about the top 3 reasons for learning remote viewing and I’d like you to check it out to tell me what you think. The article is from eZine, but I’m reprinting it here to make it easy for you to read in one place.

Remote Viewing – A Fascinating Skill That’s Incredibly Versatile!

By Stephanie Laverne


There are many applications of remote viewing, from government intelligence to treasure hunting or archeological work, to winning the lottery. Yes, there have been some who have won the lottery using remote viewing. However, there are 3 important areas of your personal life that you can gain accurate insight into by applying the skills of remote viewing. I call them the 3 biggies; Love, Money and Health.

Have you ever wondered if you are doing the work you were truly born into this world to do? Where is the love of your life and how will you meet them? What will your health challenges be in the future and how can you minimize them, if not eradicate them altogether, today…now… before the future arrives? Using the techniques of remote viewing you can find out the answers to these questions.


Remote viewers are able to probe the future and they have found that everyone has at least a couple of probable futures, and some people have many. When remote viewers probe the future of an individual, they are looking for the optimal trajectory of that persons life.

A trajectory is simply a path that a moving object follows when under force. The object can be a projectile, a satellite or a human being. It’s easy to see that the choices we make have an outcome. Sometimes we’re happy with the outcome, and sometimes we regret having not taken the other road. Finding out your optimal trajectory is one of the most powerful applications of remote viewing, because it enables you to know the most probable outcome before you make a decision. How cool is that!

Although remote viewing is challenging, and getting good at it does take practice. It is well worth the effort, considering that as adults we spend an enormous amount of time and effort trying to fashion a future that we want to live. And a lot of the time it’s by the seat of our pants. This is where remote viewing gives you an edge, when it’s time to make those big life altering decisions. Should I marry him or her? Is this the right house to buy? Should I take this job offer even though it doesn’t pay as much? Is there something going on in my body that I don’t know about? etc… etc…

Tell me, would you use remote viewing to make decisions about things like marriage or buying a house? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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