Put Out Your Shingle – Remote Viewer Posts On Craig's List

remote viewer craig's listHey Guys,

I just came across something  and I want your opinion. I was going through my google alerts for remote viewing articles and vids this week when I came across a remote viewer who’s ‘hung his shingle’ out on Craig’s List. This guy (or gal) is ready to help central LA-ers “Find out anything!” Check it out and see what you think.

Find out anything! Treasure, Lost kids, Remote Viewing Services!

Remote viewing, which was used almost exclusively over the past 20 years for military espionage, is now available in the public sector for a lot of interesting & creative uses!

Do you or your company want important information or data on something or someone, or any event, place, object or process that would be otherwise inaccessible? Consider using remote viewing — seriously, possibly one of mankind’s most powerful new tools.

Trained remote viewers are able to experience, feel, see, and describe, detailed and accurate information on any event, person, being, place, process or object that has ever existed, does exist, or will exist (It can take days just to grasp the implications of this!)

Could you, or your company, use or benefit from, this kind of new, rare, unique and scientifically based service?

Why would you choose me over other Remote Viewers?

I have over 10+ Years Experience! and I can offer services that NO ONE else is able to offer. I can travel and work with you or your team personally.

The scope of things that are possible with Remote Viewing is virtually unlimited for Data Gathering.

  • Animal Communication
  • Communication And Empathy
  • Computer Systems
  • Contacting Souls
  • Creative Ideas
  • Deep Mind Probes
  • Determining Dangerousness Or Risks
  • Determining If Child Or Elder Abuse Has Occurred (To Give An Investigator Ideas As To Where To Look And What Questions To Ask)
  • ET Exploration And Contact
  • Exploring Alternative Timelines
  • Financial markets and general investment trends. Timing and probable directions of investment vehicles.
  • Future Lives
  • Future Potential Markets In A Certain Area.
  • General And Specific Industrial And Technical Uses.
  • Geopolitical probable forecasting.
  • Healing
  • Help in identifying and locating wanted and potential terrorists and/or wanted criminals and sensing their future intentions and plans.
  • Historical Events And Information
  • Locate Runaways
  • Medical Diagnosis
  • Medical Research
  • Microscopic Structures
  • Missing Technical Data
  • Naming Defective Genes
  • Other Potential Future Events,
  • Past & Future Art & Music
  • Past Lives
  • Personal Family History And Events
  • Possible Medical Diagnostic Considerations
  • Possible Solutions To Problems
  • Potential Cures & Treatments
  • Prediction of future global or individual probable life events.
  • Probable outcome of corporate financial and business decision matrices. Advanced assessment and mapping of Future Probability Waves.
  • Remote locating geological resources and archeological sites.
  • Self-Exploration
  • Sub Atomic Particles
  • Technology Transfer
  • The Cause Of An Event Or Disaster
  • The Effects Of A Personal Decision
  • The Future Effects Of A Particular Event (E.G. Global Warming)
  • The Location And Condition Of A Missing Person, Child Or Object
  • The Outcome Of Upcoming Events
  • The Location Of Mineral (gold,silver,etc) Or Petroleum Deposits
  • Cache Hunting, Artifact Hunting, Gold Hunting or any other special face of Treasure Hunting
  • Uncovering Unconscious Material
  • Unsolved Cases Or Mysteries

I am able to travel to assist in operations, I can personally work with you to find whatever it is you are looking for or need information about. I have the training where I am able to go out for as long as needed to any location and gather the information you need. I offer a service that you will not find anywhere else!

You might even personally have the information that is needed. I am also a trained Hypnotist, and can work with you on that also. You will be amazed at what the subconscious mind can do!

My rates are $100 per session.

Most sessions can be done in one hour. More difficult ones, like locating the position/location will take more time. When all other methods have failed CONTACT ME!

Whadd’ya think? Would you hire a more experienced remote viewer to help you find things, people or solutions to problems? Would you hang your own shingle out for business either in your town or virtually, once you master RV? Let me know in the comments below.

Talk soon,

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