The Reality…

I feel the as remote viewers we lack the sense of moving forward, at times i feel as though 99% of the world around us is filled with ‘extras’ individuals that are like a videogame subjected to reality.

Only a small number are able to live life, achieve goals, show up on time and help humanity.

When i first started R.V i had a vague idea of the potential that it had. However the ones that deemed themselves to be experts, disillusioned me as they didn’t live up to expectations. It has been difficult and i’m sure that many others have walked down this same road.
Joe Mconeagle has been able to use RV for the betterment of humanity, its great what he’s done for RV

Part 1

All of us should be working towards this!

Part 2

The reality is that we are not going to get the goverment to pay for us, we are not going to have the science field fund us. We are also not going to achieve anything by talking about the past, we have to move forward!

An interesting thought innovative people are often the most controversial, but it is there ability to move away from social norms that is correlated to getting something done, what do you think?

So what are you viewing?

What do you see as the potential for remote viewing? How can viewers on the internet come together to share their experiences and support each other?

One Response to The Reality…
  1. Sarah
    December 2, 2008 | 5:03 pm

    2003 I wrote Homeland Security “Saddam is in a hole just outside of Tikrit” I never got a dime, but oh, did the CIA mess with me when I began to come out. 2nd generation USAF Clairvoyant (RV) Sarah