Caylee Anthony Case Remote Viewed From The Start

Caylee Anthony caseHey Folks,

Awesome post below on one “Great Spirit Bear” (pseudonym) whose remote viewing predictions on the Caylee Anthony murder case turned out to be chillingly accurate – before officials had uncovered the evidence of the case. I found this on the Examiner website and was really impressed by the results. Writer Debbie Ballard contributed this and I’m reprinting the whole thing here for your convenience.

Remote viewing the Caylee Anthony case, Part 1

by Debbie Ballard

As of very early in the morning on this date, July 17, 2011, acquitted suspect Casey Anthony had been set free from the confines of jail after being accused of killing her nearly 3-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008. A little over 3 years has passed with the media scrutinizing every possible detail of the investigation, the discovery of the remains, the trial and the eventual verdict of this riveting and highly emotionally-charged case.

The application of remote viewing in missing person cases is a highly reliable tool that has been proven effective over time, yet is still not accepted in total by those in investigative realms. Often times if people have information about a case in which it can’t be explained exactly as to how they received it, they instead become suspect as being the perpetrators of the crime. This is a sad testament, especially when a skill such as remote viewing has such a high percentage of accuracy.

Such is the case for remote viewer, Great Spirit Bear. He wishes to remain anonymous; hence, his name has been chosen by me to hide his true identity. He used a remote viewing dowsing technique which played a highly significant key role in “seeing” the entire process of the Anthony case unfold under his watchful eye over the past 3 years. Great Spirit Bear was kind enough to reveal his chronological notes of his remote viewing sessions starting when it was first a missing person’s case in the summer of 2008. Below you’ll find the actual early summer 2008 descriptor word excerpts of his initial findings while using dowsing/remote viewing to glean information about little Caylee’s disappearance:

  • fence: distance to Caylee 100 feet
  • road: distance to Caylee 30 – 35 feet , dead end road
  • area is dry, then later feels wet (the discovery site flooded)
  • school, kids play football, baseball near to site, oak (the body was discovered not far from Hidden Oaks Element ary School)
  • spring (Hopespring Drive is where the Anthony home is located)
  • Judge Road & Shadowridge Drive (these intersecting streets were used as the search base headquarters five months later)
  • half pipe = culvert = ditch (culvert crossed road at location) twist long thin metal piece by site, trees
  • dump (the discovery site was somewhat of a ‘dumping’ ground for debris)
  • she is not buried
  • home of grandparents
  • paint tarp in garage, left front used
  • body prepared on right garage floor area
  • propped beside door
  • bedroll-style body wrap
  • throw-rug style, carpet remnant used
  • black plastic
  • duct tape, 4 places
  • bed, beading left of center – chloroform residues
  • Result: Chloroform residues were found. Body was discovered 100 feet from fence, 30 feet from road, right of way on a dead- end road very near the child’s grandparents’ house, in plastic wrapped with duct tape. It was a dry, then wet area – and the remains were found under big ferns and not buried.

Especially now that certain facts are known about Caylee’s discovered remains, this is rather chilling isn’t it? This is how precise and helpful remote viewing and dowsing can be when applied to missing persons cases. At this time I have only revealed part of this process, but renderings and drawings of the target that is remote viewed also play a highly important role in this succinct and accurate skill.

Watch for Part 2 of this article in which Great Spirit Bear reveals more about his personal experience with remote viewing/dowsing and more of what he discovered using this process surrounding the death of this young, innocent victim.

Did anyone else out there do some remote viewing on the Anthony case? Share your results with me in the comments below.


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