Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) and You

When it comes to remote viewing, there is only one technique that makes it extremely easy for you to get accurate information when needed through the use of certain protocols. This technique is the technical remote viewing technique. It is known to be well structured and of high standard. With this technique, you find out that you can easily and correctly gather knowledge about things, places, people and events which are not physically visible to you, not even the faintest idea of what the target looks like prior to remote viewing.

TRV technique is likened to when you are equipped with special data collection skill. With this technique, precise of dissemination of information takes place between your unconscious mind and your consciousness and all this happens even before the creative part of your mind interferes with the flow of information or even contaminates it. During the technical remote viewing, all what you see, being the target, are written down in words or sketched as drawings on a plain sheet with pen.

In the process of this method of remote viewing, you are inadvertently linked to Matrix – collective unconscious. It does not matter whether the target is across the globe or next door, the process is sure to work perfectly. Based on the fact that human mind conveniently exists outside of space and time, you can comfortably gather the information desired at any part of the world or at any time of the day or night. All you need do while engage in technical remote viewing is to free your mind of every thought and concentrate on the target at hand.

Several studies carried out have confirmed the fact that every human being is created with the ability to make use of their unconscious minds to receive information about certain targets.

It is sad though to note that just very few of us are able to nurture this ability to the point of being extraordinary psychics. A good number of us even progress up to exhibiting noticeable consistency and repeatability as far as technical remote viewing is concerned.

How do you make use of your unconscious mind?

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