Facts About Remote Viewing – What you need to know

Have you ever given a thought to knowing more facts about remote viewing? If yes, then you are not alone, you are just one of those people who are interested in improving their psychic abilities which would help them to see objects, people and places without being there physically. This is made possible by using senses other than the five senses that we normally use which includes the sense of touch, sight, sound, smell and taste. Most times, people tend to get confused when it comes to the difference between remote viewing and astral projection. There is a great difference as explained below.

Psychic Abilities

If you are knowledgeable on most of the facts about remote viewing, you would have known by now that remote viewing is a kind of psychic dowsing where through your tapped psychic abilities, you are able to get a view of a given object, location or person, all with the use of your mind’s eye. In the case of astral projection, also called out of body experience is a situation where you are able to travel in the spirit form in order to get a view of a location, person or object. Based on this, the difference becomes glaring because in remote viewing, extrasensory perception comes into play while in astral projection some kind of spiritual traveling is involved.

Psychic Abilities

We may not know this but from several studies carried out and some findings made bordering on facts about remote viewing, it is established that we all have the ability to remote view or even enhance our psychic abilities which majority of us usually leave untapped. Research have confirmed that out of the total component of the human brain, we only end up making use of not more than 10% which proves that there is a lot of untapped potentials which we can really benefit from if we really know how to utilize our psychic abilities.

There is every possibility that you can even enhance your daily life if you are able to successfully tap into this unused part of your brain through remote viewing.


Among the several facts about remote viewing is the one based on the premise that any one can actually learn to remote view unlike other aspects of ESP. Studies have been carried out where people who are confirmed to be non-psychic are trained on remote viewing and they successfully engaged in remote viewing with results that were mainly on the accurate side. This is achieved through imbibing certain techniques which are known to help you remote view a location, person or object and achieve maximum results. Always bear in mind that the main base of your psychic ability lies in your subconscious mind.

The more practices you engage in, the better results you achieve.

How did your practice go?

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