Steps On Improving Your Remote Viewing Skills

Are you ready to start your distance remote viewing practices? If you answer yes to this question, then it becomes necessary that you first shove aside any disbelief and skepticism you may have about remote viewing. This is to enable you effectively open the sixth sense which is what you will be making use of in enhancing your skills.

It has been noted that during the initial stages of your exercise, thoughts of impossibility always have a way of intruding. What do you do? Simply push such thoughts aside and put your mind and attention on completing your exercise without any distractions.

Getting Started Improving Your Remote Viewing Skills

Now that you are ready to start, fist take a deep breath which goes a long way to help you in maintaining absolute calm and focus. Prior to this, you should color pieces of paper or cards with crayons of different colors. Cards are preferred since you find them easier to shuffle than pieces of paper. Get these cards mixed up, keep them by the side and then, let the exercise begin.

Choosing a card

With your eyes closed, pick a card from the top of the pack and hold same before you. The color of the card picked determines the level of the energetic vibration you will experience since they vary. Since it takes lots of practices before you can begin to accurately predict the color of card you have before you, it becomes necessary that you don’t easily give up on your exercises or get discouraged.

Remote Viewing Skills

Make sure that the cards are properly colored without leaving any trace of white color since this can also give out its on vibration and get you confused. Every portion of the side to be colored should be done properly.

Extending Your Remote Viewing Exercises

Another exercise is asking a family member or friend to go out to any location of his or her choice, without telling you where he or she is. You then try to find out where they are and through your descriptions of the area you remote viewed, without leaving out any details, you will be able to know your level of improvement.

Bear in mind that remote viewing skill is something that takes a while to achieve accuracy. As difficult as it may seem initially, with time you will find the exercise to be an impressive and the skill, a useful one.

Have you carried out these exercises before? If yes, what were your observations?

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