Remote Viewing Skills – The Several Uses

When it comes to the issue of remote viewing, it is a skill which its accuracy and existence is still in doubt as far as the scientific community is concerned. But most of all, it is a skill that has been confirmed to be difficult to learn. Even at this, it would interest you to know that a lot of people and organizations including the U.S. government have made use of this skill in solving several cases and other intelligence services strictly for military use.

Some uses of remote viewing skills.

They are:

Keeping watch:

Through this skill, you can keep an eye on your loved ones. It could be your spouse driving down or your child riding to school on his or her bicycle. Through remote viewing you can watch out for them while at the same time being rest assured that they are okay.

Locating lost objects:

In a situation where you have lost an object, the best you can do is to locate same through remote viewing. You can look for your personal lost items or that of your loved ones. However, you should know that it takes lots of practice to be able to find what you are looking for since the level of your skill will go a long way to determine whether you can find what you are looking for or not.

Means of disproving the skeptics:

Since remote viewing is a skill that is yet to be accepted in the scientific community, you can take a shot at disproving the skeptics by upping your remote viewing skills and using them effectively in convincing more persons about the efficacy of remote viewing.

You can start by correctly guessing what your friends wrote or drew on a card or piece of paper without taking a look at it. It is really a great means of promoting the existence of psychic abilities.

Do you think you are ready to start using your remote viewing skills effectively?

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