Hear Stephan Schwartz on Coast to Coast

Hi there,

I’ve had many people email me and ask me about Remote Viewer Stephan Schwartz. As you probably know, Stephan is a prominent researcher in the field of Remote Viewing and has been featured recently on my blog, and other websites that I subscribe to such as the internets #1 transformation blog FinerMinds.

I was browsing the Coast to Coast website for articles  and recordings featuring Stephan Schwartz. I don’t always get to listen to Coast-To-Coast all the time, but this website is great because I downloaded some interviews with Stephan and heard his views on a range of topics. The one thing about Stephan Schwartz that impresses me is that he is knowledgeable about so many different things around Remote Viewing and takes a real interest in the science of it.

In these interviews Stephan discusses consciousness, Remote Viewing, Psychic Archaeology, and other interesting topics. Check it out and let me know what you think about Stephan’s thoughts in the comments.


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