Remote Viewing – Usefulness and Its Future

Remote Viewing is Evident – But What is its Usefulness now and in the Future?

All the evidence concerning Remote Viewing points to it being an undeniable phenomena. Jessica Utts in another great report on remote Viewing shares some very interesting findings. She also illustrates what the pathway forward for Remote Viewing should be.

It’s about time that we stopped testing for evidence of Remote Viewing. She shares that it’s time to ask a lot more pertinent questions such as:

“How does this ability work?”

She goes on to describe her vision:

“I am confident that the questions are no more elusive than any other questions in science dealing with small to medium sized effects, and that if appropriate resources are targeted to appropriate questions, we can have answers within the next decade.”

Usefulness of Remote Viewing

by Jessica Utts

Even if we were all to agree that anomalous cognition is possible, there remains the question of whether or not it would have any practical use for government purposes.  Some speculations can be made about how to increase the usefulness.

3 Great Findings on Remote Viewing

1) Individual Differences

First, it appears that anomalous cognition is to some extent possible in the general population. None of the ganzfeld experiments used exclusively selected subjects. However, it also appears that certain individuals possess more talent than others, and that it is easier to find those individuals than to train people. It also appears to be the case that certain individuals are better at some tasks than others. For instance, Viewer 372 at SAIC appears to have a facility with describing technical sites.

2) Users Trained on its Potential

Second, if remote viewing is to be useful, the end users must be trained in what it can do and what it cannot. Given our current level of understanding, it is rarely 100 percent accurate, and there is no reliable way to learn what is accurate and what is not. The same is probably true of most sources of intelligence data.

3) Breadth of its Uses

Third, what is useful for one purpose may not be useful for another. For instance, suppose a remote viewer could describe the setting in which a hostage is being held. That information may not be any use at all to those unfamiliar with the territory, but could be useful to those familiar with it.

Remote Viewing: Where Next?

It is clear to this author that anomalous cognition is possible and has been demonstrated. This conclusion is not based on belief, but rather on commonly accepted scientific criteria. The phenomenon has been replicated in a number of forms across laboratories and cultures.

The various experiments in which it has been observed have been different enough that if some subtle methodological problems can explain the results, then there would have to be a different explanation for each type of experiment, yet the impact would have to be similar across experiments and laboratories. If fraud were responsible, similarly, it would require an equivalent amount of fraud on the part of a large number of experimenters or an even larger number of subjects.

What is not so clear is that we have progressed very far in understanding the mechanism for anomalous cognition. Senders do not appear to be necessary at all; feedback of the correct answer may or may not be necessary. Distance in time and space do not seem to be an impediment. Beyond those conclusions, we know very little.

I believe that it would be wasteful of valuable resources to continue to look for proof. No one who has examined all of the data across laboratories, taken as a collective whole, has been able to suggest methodological or statistical problems to explain the ever-increasing and consistent results to date. Resources should be directed to the pertinent questions about how this ability works.

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    I think that remote viewing would greatly
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    February 26, 2008 | 2:32 am

    I am just on the ground floor in learing about r/v The dowsing aspect of it is interesting I have dowesd for water and was shocked at how well I did.aswell I am left handed sighn me up