Time Travel With Remote Viewing

Hey guys,

All of us are aware of the sort of impact remote viewing potentially has. I mean, we can actually use it to find objects or people, to foresee the future or even to heal yourself!

But have you ever considered using remote viewing for time traveling?

Yes, you read that right. Time traveling. Well, take a look at this guy’s account on how you can easily travel the universe just by remote viewing

Go Anywhere, See Everything Without Leaving The Comforts of Your Home With Remote Viewing


Is there life on other planets? Why not go and see for yourself. And that goes for anywhere else you’d like to travel, whether on Earth, the moon, the sun , quasars, pulsars, black holes, and so forth, including the Akashic Records. The whole Universe is available for you to visit and enjoy. And yes, you can even Remote View other people. Please note that all of this is not limited to space, Remote Viewing also includes travelling in time. You can easily go into the past and future. Visiting past lives in trance is one type, future lives is another. Regression to cause, commonly used in hypnotherapy, is also Remote Viewing; here the client revisits events in this life to resolve trauma. Another standard technique in hypnotherapy is progression, where clients go into the future to experience having already attained their goals. And all of these are simply types of Remote Viewing.

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