Could Ed Dames' Remote Viewing Results Have Saved THOUSANDS of Lives?

Ed Dames and his students have produced remarkable and astonishing remote viewing results

Did you know that he predicted the H1N1 Flu catastrophe weeks before the virus hit our world?

This is further proof that remote viewing works, and can be used to not just foresee events, but to actually help prevent further damage when used correctly.

Check out this video. I know you’ll be just as filled with wonder as I was.

Ed Dames H1N1 Remote Viewing: Could It Have Prevented All Those Deaths?

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5 Responses to Could Ed Dames' Remote Viewing Results Have Saved THOUSANDS of Lives?
  1. Lydia
    January 7, 2010 | 12:57 pm

    Ed has access and knowledge to see things from future .
    Who knows ,may be he have done this before ,in a past time.
    Have had this mission to ‘ see’and to talk to the people about a negative event and so on .
    May be his soul have choosed this mission , before to come here , on this planet.
    The question is from where did it come this flu ? Is a natural process or is the effect of something …?
    It is a negative wave energy that the subconscious collective mind have created in a long time ?
    How many bad experience we have done in the name of God?
    How many have forgot love , harmony , peace ,tolerance …?
    The higher new , fast vibration of Earth doesn’t want to tolerate this old Matrix .
    How many thousands of years we have used a food with a low vibration ? No , I am not a vegetarian ,I am one who can eat only food made by my self ,or food with a higher level.My body dosn’t want to accept usual food .Every time when I eat a food with a low vibration ,by mistake , I get ill .
    So , the diet , the state of mind ,of the spirit , of the body can save us .
    The children usualy are vey exposed to the low vibration of their parents , quarells , worries and so on .This is a generation of new souls that are very empathic to the enviroment ,they absorb almost all . This is why many times they leaves the Earth ,is very difficult for a special soul to live here on an old Matrix.
    May be Ed can see like Edgar Cayce what kind of food people must eat ,how to protect from sickness ,especially children .
    This is my point of viwe , of course .I am not a specialist , I am only the feeling type ..
    I came her not to give advices ,just because I am glad there is a place where I can talk about this subject, I am glad I am not alone in a world full of problems but open to a new shift .
    We all work toghether for a better world ,and this is a fantastic moment . It doesn’t matter where we are , at what distance .
    I am glad we have such gifted poeple among us .

    Blessings and best regards ,


  2. Josy
    June 30, 2010 | 9:13 am

    What are the most current successful viewings that Ed has had?
    How is his search for missing children going?

  3. Mulvaney
    July 11, 2010 | 5:00 pm

    On the other hand if you had used Ed as a guide to find the Fossett crash site, it would have remained unfound. After designating a one square mile search zone with gps accuracy he was 70 miles off. If he had sent in a team (like he discussed at the time) it would have been fruitless. The original search area was closer. He got the state right, as I did without remote viewing, but he could not have been more wrong given the limits of the plane. Since he claimed gps accuracy and agreed that this was a make or break type of prediction, his claims should stand or fall on this basis.

    Or course I am glad I did not move in response to predictions of various disasters.

  4. Francisco Filipek
    April 23, 2011 | 6:14 pm

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  5. Brigitte Citizen
    April 26, 2011 | 8:25 pm

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