Happy New Year 2010: One

Hi friends,

It’s been over two weeks now since we stepped into 2010. It’s easy to get caught up in the daily hustle, what with the holiday season and the return to work… But I hope you’ve found the time to ask yourself this question:

“What will I be in 2010?”

It’s not too late to make your resolutions. There’s still time to make your plans. In the meantime please read the message from Gerald for 2010.

The City of One, within and without, heralding the Era of One…

The One: -and-only solution….

The End Times and the real Beginning…

An In-Depth Look at the Future Glorious Events about to Shake Our Planetary Consciousness


In the name of Oneness:  Please read  again and again with great patience until it is fully integrated and lived as One, and help share it and spread this as widely as you can. Time is of the essence.


First of all, let me wish you all a wonder-filled 2010. May the great shift smile upon you and yours and embrace you within its inner tranquil core of gifted protection from the One for the unusual period we are all living through and have engaged, for decades to come.

Peace and happiness be upon you.

This is the most important message I have ever written. In it, I reveal much more than I ever did before. The knowledge contained therein can literally not only transform your personal self, but if spread and integrated by enough human entities, fundamentally transform and eventually bring Final Peace to our fractured world and allow us all to finally enter a new era of infinite Peace and bounty, and a totally new Creation: the Creation of One.

The reason why I am coming out in the open with it, and removing so many veils, is that our outer world situation is extremely dire and dangerous, and so is our inner world where anger, unmanageable fear, and depression, are eating away at our sense of pleasurable existence. The knowledge that I wish to share here with you could rapidly, if it were integrated and accepted by a great number of individual eradicate all these negative potentialities and states.  Please do take the time to read this message slowly in its entirety.

Pause when you need to, because you require more clarification, and meditate on it. You will find that when you read again, the understanding will come your way.

I can make you a promise: I guarantee that after reading this article from its start to end, and trying to integrate it with a totally open mind, the way a child’s mind is, you and your world will never be the same again. Your heart will start to open, and a small ray of sunshine shall be coming out of it, which one day will grow into the gigantic Inner Sun.

This message is about Truth and its potential manifestation. It is not about political correctness or Spiritual truth, for it goes far beyond the old pre-programmed human concepts about both.

I do not take sides in the following discourse, even though I do expect upon first reading that many will think I do.  No judgment here; only a choice to forever choose the side of unification and unity in the Light and Love of One over the side of separation and divisiveness originating from the realm of fear and darkness. This is what I came here to teach and share, hoping to show you the great potential you all have, if and only you accept to accompany me in the voyage of true Oneness that may be right at our doors onto a new world and real new age of dimensions and beauty we cannot even imagine in our farthest imagination.

In the message below, I will try first to explain events that are about to occur and shake our world and perceptions from a Higher multi-dimensional perspective. Hopefully this will help us all graduate, with flying colors, from what is really a future Creators’ boot camp training, organized in advance by the One for us, as his parts (children), and monitored and run by very High level Creators both from the light side and the dark side, which must both exist and operate at once, for us to have the ability to exercise free-willed choices amongst the multiple polarized realities gifted to us.

Let me be frank, I am fully aware that it is not going to be an easy task, and that much difficult times lie ahead. I can only show you what I know to be the best possible outcome, the highest desirable probable future, and let you Dream it into reality.

Your choices and awareness are going to decide how we reach this goal, which will manifest at some point, sooner or later.

Last year has been, as we predicted since 2007, an unusual bumpy ride, to say the least.

The process of transmutation of Creation has been engaged and nothing nor anyone can stop it.

To hide in denial and in the static belief that it has completed, and that the past and current systems will meddle through seemingly intact, and bounce back unscathed, is to suffer from severe reality myopia and mental delusion.

I know this Holiday season to be only a pause in an ongoing process of dynamic change.

Please take advantage of the respite and have lots of festive fun with family and friends!

Dance, smile, and rejoice, for even though the graduation exam might be a little difficult, requiring you to recall and use all that you have learned in this and prior existences/experiences at the multi dimensional levels of your Self, the rewards awaiting the ones who shall pass the last test are incredibly beautiful and bountiful.

Use this period to pause and self-introspect.

You were given the media of electronic-based interaction in order to bridge the divide across nations, cultures and make the planet into One.

Please understand that it is only a tool, and do not neglect direct consciousness- to -consciousness communications for nothing can replace that.

Shut down, for a couple of hours each day, the machines that keep you in an electronic vibratory field and cave-like existence, and go and experience the real world.

Shun away from violent media, for if you do not, you are committing violence against your Self and your divine Loving core.

Do not keep accumulating virtual-based connections and be glued to screens all day long, for that transforms this beautiful tool into a man-made matrix that is and may evermore plunge you into a feeling of deep loneliness and disconnection.

Life energy must travel across real humans, and face-to-face contacts.

The wonders of the Feminine Divine, manifest in the natural world and its creatures, is to be experienced directly, by visiting it in person each and every day, and not watching it on electronic screens. Otherwise, you may allow for that reality to be remorselessly and soon fatally harmed by man’s lack of care and stewardship, as is the case now, and your life force to be totally depleted in the process.

Everything is about balance, so please keep it.

Make love more often; do not just engage in dry sex, void of love, for that energy of Love is what feeds powerfully your whole being, much above just your biology.

Set aside one day each week, when you totally shut down and rest from the world’s care and affairs, and keep that very special day as a full day of Loving inner connection with Source: the One, and let yourself be healed spiritually, biologically, and mentally, as you get replenished with the original Life force in the process. This is very capital for the healing and correction of your total Being, especially at this difficult junction.

Unsettling times, for they will seem unfamiliar to most, lie ahead, without which the great shift cannot be made to occur. They are all lessons created for your transformation into Higher beings. Study them and try to understand their deeper meaning.

Truth is piercing our limited sight and we need to open to its Presence and listen to Its guidance, even if it rattles old preprogrammed pre-conceived notions acquired by genetic memories, family upbringing, or cultural molds, which are usually and mostly human ego-driven truths.

Blocking the arrival of Real Truth by remaining blind and deaf to It, will only make the process of the inner dot/Source overtaking its sphere of potential awareness much more difficult than it should be otherwise.

I know this period to be only a window of rest and a time for self-reflection, and even if most do not want to recognize yet the Great Shift in their conscious awareness, their sub-conscious mind knows it to be true, hence many of us experience often unsettled sleep and inner feeling of un-ease and dis-comfort. Know it to be just a normal reaction to great changes occurring, and allow yourself to go with the flow, instead of fighting its movement.

Nothing nor anybody is, nor will ever be, the same. Change is accelerating across our time and space. Time is perceptually operating faster – even children have become aware of that fact. Years sprint now in our awareness in what used to seem before to be only be a couple of months, and space across humans and cultures has been shrinking as we reach across towards each other. We have begun the fabled Cosmic contractive phase, and this will continue for what may seem a lengthy and difficult period filled with great tribulations which represent at the same time the greatest opportunity for real quantum changing growth which humanity has ever been gifted, so that it may operate at much higher quanta of reality and Life vibration.

Much unsettling news and anxiety-causing situations have been, as of late, assailing our consciousness. As we stated in January 2009, we have already fallen in and are facing the abyss in its downward spiral and black hole of gravitational death. We have indeed crossed the event horizon, however very few are even realizing it. There is no turning back. We cannot find the solution within the system of polarization of light versus darkness, good versus evil, human so-called rational thinking, for the situation is so dire that none of these will now provide solace and solutions.

For the first time in recorded history of Creation, we must call for the help and presence of the One who created that very system, and engage with the Singular point of the hidden Light of the One in order to translate to a higher matrix/Creation and levels of operation.

We are off the solid ground of the old established matrix and its dying systems. These structures and their vassals are rebelling to change and keep seeking the old unbalanced homeostasis, as they have done for eons. However, this time is different, and their resistance will eventually be proven futile and to no avail. Like rambunctious children, they clamor for their past glory and gifted favoritism. Their time is potentially soon to be gone, as a great consciousness-changing lesson, in the relics of history.

They and their concepts have been grandiose teachers on our way to real freedom, and we should deeply honor that fact and them. However, they are not needed anymore, in their old format of operation, in the new world to come, as their old mind-set is not suitable to our desired quantum dimensional jump of real spiritual/mind evolution.

They have been valued foes, showing an incredible amount of Creative intelligence in inviting us in their dance of death. They have scarred many souls and yet, their ever-present calls for battles have allowed beings to overcome their inner and outer shadows of Darkness and perceived evil and invite an enlightened Presence inside and Reality outside.

We salute these energies originating from the inverted under-world (the tree of death which we are traveling in for now: the tree of good and evil) for they were and functioned as our inner thorns made manifest forcing us to a constant self examination of what was required within us and outside in order to affect release and transformation.

Nevertheless, naturally, as is the case for all thought processes and forms within the One Mind, these shadowy forces still remain with the desire of feeling individuated and alive for as long as possible, and hence they are still clinging to us, to what they perceive as life, in a somehow parasitic way, trying to weigh us down in our longing for a new world, and block us from ascending in a totally integrative united way.

Short of some of them, who have made tremendous transformational efforts in order to prepare themselves for this shift, a great majority of these dark thought forms are not yet able nor ready to engage, in their current format, onto the next phase of Creation, and need to accept to willingly rejoin and expand into their origin: the One Light/ Mind in order to be transformed/reprogrammed and/or taken back by this very level. They are welcomed back into their Creator’s upper womb.

The One will soon decide which ones are to be taken in and transmuted and which ones are to be taken back and made into Himself in His pure upper unifying Light, void of facets.

The great cleansing is in place and on-going and nothing can stop it, for it is done from within the One Mind, as that One Mind encompasses all energies, both light and dark.

At the level of One, the One is basically affecting surgery upon Himself, by Himself.

Some of these forces will join us, transmuted and transformed, in this ascension process, as we reach higher levels of expressions, and their role will remain to keep us challenged, but within much Higher expressions and much less antagonism.

You often feel this sense of inner death as their anxieties climb to the surface of your own personal awareness, most of it originating from the mass consciousness of the abyss, especially as the One takes parts of them back into the Divine fire of Oneness.

You often feel their inner anger when you are overcome with unexplained anger, and passive-aggressive tendencies, for no known reason.  Know that this anger is not yours, and do not make it such, for it originates from the dark thought forms rising up to the surface of humankind’s awareness which for the most part we, as human creatures, have help energize and entertain for millennia.

Know this to be part of this difficult process, and do not impute a personal causal effect to your often unexplained dark days, and please do not visit the classical so-called thought specialist of our times for they know and understand very little of this very High process of cleansing that is occurring at all levels of this Creation and most probably would just injure and numb your biological brain in the process, using toxic chemicals.

We need to understand that in the Spiritual DNA Spiral of Creation, which vibrates at rates which we cannot even perceive of nor detect in our laboratory devices, each inversion of the Spiral, converts realms of Light into Darkness and back into Light in a mobius coil fashion.

We are, here on this plane of operation, as pieces of a multi-dimensional Creational chess-like game, as we operate upon the planetary Earthplane board in which we are situated. This game has been going on for eons. Light wants to penetrate us and Light up even temporarily the darkness, and darkness, by its own construct and program, wants to prevent this using its own minions for as long as it possibly can.

Darkness and its core within the abyss is not, in original intent and program, an evil dark entity, in the human sense of it, but rather the guardian of the gates that will only allow some individuals or sometimes even whole Creations to ascend, only as it deems them ready for it.

Evil originates from the notion of “the other” across which we often fear and want to separate from. All battling sides always perceive “the other” as evil, which means undesirable.

The time for the old and infinitely repeated game of trying to encourage what you perceive as desirable and hence good and familiar, within your human programs, and allow it to battle the “other” side, which you perceive as undesirable, unfamiliar and foreign, and hence “bad” or “evil,” is coming to an end. Soon this game will be over. The One has decreed it to be so, and we are on our way to stop it with the One’s loving guidance.

Paradoxically, the very perceived dark side, master at that old game, releases its human entities or groupings thereof, only if they have shown great lessons of Love and full unconditional loving integrative tendencies in the face of great adversity, after having visited this harsh realm repeatedly for many periods, and have learned through this negative existence what not to do and avoid, as they rise up to universes/Creations where thought alone becomes immediately Creative because of the intense level of the One Light present in them.  This guarantees – as these chosen entities operate later into so-called positive regions of the Mind as co-creators, and later, eventually for some, as full-fledged sub-Creators – that they remain with the painful memories of what they have experienced on this plane while they played this very difficult and scarring game, so that drama, violence, and heightened primitive antagonism should never ever attract their fancy again, for they would already have felt their extremely painful consequences at the very core of their being, experientially so.

That is why, when individuals or whole groupings are high up the ladder of ascension on this plane, the degree of opposition and antagonism to them is often extreme. This is because the pole of fear/darkness is really testing them, as their adversary, in order to make sure, based on their reactions to these challenges, that they can perceive the differences across, caused by polarization, with loving kindness, lack of fear and hence anger, and a determined resolve to remain, as much as possible, untainted by the drama and fear that tries to challenge them and convert them into anger and its destructive consequence: violence.

The original role of darkness and its entities is to polish and refine new souls, alike diamonds, within the high pressure environment it provides for all of us, small children of the One and pupils of Its learning, in this evolutionary school of Creation.

Now please pay attention to this: what used to be only a game/conflict between Higher (manifested and reflective sun) Light of Higher beings and their darker counterparts and nemesis, has taken on a totally new and unprecedented dimension as the origin of both Light and darkness: -The One Sourcing energy, is trying this time to infiltrate both abodes according to preset rules that pre-date ALL Creation.

Understand that there are many players upon the Creational board operating on many levels.

At our level of operations, free-will has been decreed by the One Himself as a condition sine qua non, prior to the inception of this Creation. Hence the One needed to create 2 poles that would try to attract the fancy of each individual being tested upon the ladder of ascension of the tree of knowledge of good and evil situations. One is the pole of Love and desire for merging and integration, tolerance, and its sweet consequences. The other one is the pole of fear, and the desire for separation and exclusion, judgment, and its harsh consequences.

Thence, most human players can be overtaken by a mix of light or darker shaded sides, as both sides can infiltrate them and compete for attention from within their inner psyche.

This interplay between Light and dark is constantly and dynamically shifting within us.

The Cosmic battle is really an inner battle often manifested on the outside either as wars, conflicts, control, ego-centrism and uncaring competition, or the polar opposite, as caring, sharing, altruism, and ego-less conduct. Some players are major key players because of their DNA configuration and dimensional origins and the potential impact they can have upon this dimension, some are secondary ones, and many are almost accessories used by the main inner forces to aggregate quantity of consciousness over quality in an additive fashion in order to garnish power.

What makes this Creation totally different from any and all the others which have preceded it, is that, instead of allowing this Creation, which has in fact reached a point of potential final chaos, to be totally destroyed and brought back as pure energy and vibratory memory banks of its history within the Mind of the Creator, as is usually the case when such a point is reached, in what old spiritual systems like to call the end of times, the One Himself: Source of all Creations and galactic systems has decided to be energetically present here and try to accompany and protect this Creation under and within Its Divine wings and Being, by offering it protection and redemption, on-line, as our Creation enters the region of the real black hole of the abyss.

And this is why, in this case, and for that very redemption, we need to use the singularity outside of all polarities: The portal to One, and learn and use the key to opening it and reaching that very point of Oneness.

The usual portals between the Upper worlds (light sides) and lower worlds (dark shadowy side) exist both within the individuals and within the space/time construct of this Earth/matrix.

Some of these portals, within our space/time matrix, and the characters playing within it, connect to different but restricted areas of either worlds – all parts of the One Mind, like wormholes. They exist both within the Earth plane and its space geometry, and also within the inner world of humans, as they allow for connections to restricted areas of the Creative Mind, either usually within the first upper worlds and/or the under worlds.

What is seen and perceived by ourselves as Heavenly bodies, galaxies and universes, really exists within ourselves as inner energies and connective points, and the ancients understood the holographic principle and the relations between the inner Kingdom/psyche and the Outer Kingdom/matter operating within space/time. They knew fully-well that the heavenly maps and bodies shown, which they studied, mapped, and followed carefully, were but outer holographic material representations of the real heavenly inner forces contained within us. This is how some individuals learned to predict events as they watched the shifts of inner Heavenly Creative energies, and also how some knew how to travel instantly across space and even time, solely through the use of the power of their inner minds, by connecting to inner Creative energies and use the inner maps of singularity points contained within the inner Kingdom of Heavens.

The mind of the One operating this region of Creation is very much alike a gigantic brain which is composed of different regions, from the very depth of the basic instinctive and rough limbic reptilian brain, up to the much Higher and more enlightened functions contained in its periphery. Many of these very advanced functions, if not most, are not yet functional and awakened in any Creation.

The Higher functions pertain to Higher Light worlds and the lower ones to the Dark shadowy deep and darkened region of the Creational brain. Nevertheless both are critically needed, as they form concurrent areas of operation of the One Mind.

As can be seen in the Tao sign or the letter Aleph, both representing the Creational system we operate with now:  Deep within the Earth, and within each being of it, exists a singularity point/portal to much Higher and Lighter worlds close to Source, and so it is in reverse for the Higher worlds that can transit to a darkened Infinite state of Being operating above as pure unlimited thought and intelligence.

On this plane of space/time construct, many portals are used for transitions by many of the upper or lower beings to go from one space/time and/or consciousness construct to another one.

Nevertheless, upon the facets of this Earth and many parallel ones operating within different frequency vibratory ranges within the One Mind, there is but One single portal which is built upon the foundation stone, or fundamental vibratory frequency, which allows for all other vibrations of mind or matter to exist. And that portal connects each and every single Creation of the One, up to the totally un-manifest regions of the One Source. It is a pure singularity point outside of the equation of polarity, and at the same time encompassing all of it, for it connects all polarities of the One Mind.

This portal is One, and, as The One common singularity point, unites all Creations and every created thing.

This is the Only One portal connecting All Creation. Other gateways are only connecting certain regions to others and are not universal passageways.

This is the portal to the Hidden Light of the One, the Light of the upper Zion (the One), which is hidden, unseen, and un-comprehended, for now, by all creatures.

This portal has both a single inner location within each of us, and, following the holographic principle of life, has also a single outer Holographic material reality within each space/time construct (Creation).

This portal was made manifest by King David 3000 years ago in this very Creation and is located exactly, in our outer perception of space and time, where the Dome of the Rock lies in the ancient city of Jerusalem: the future city of One.

I have been hinting at this on our site since August 2001, in increasing detailed fashion, and all eyes are evermore focused upon that city for reasons that were explained before. I am lifting the veil of Truth in steps slowly, for revealing It too rapidly would be too unsettling to most.

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  1. debbie maher
    May 28, 2010 | 8:21 pm


    I am very interested in reading this report as I am a psychic and really want to learn more but when I download something goes wrong with my computer and I cannot view the report. Can you help me and also can you let me know of your experience with psychics?