3 Steps To Rid Yourself Of Limiting Remote Viewing Beliefs

remote viewing beliefsIf you’re having trouble developing your remote viewing skills, there’s a good chance you’ve taken in a belief (consciously or even sub-consciously) that’s preventing you from success. Maybe you were told it’s impossible. Maybe because you don’t know anyone who can do it – or even believes in it – your sub-conscious won’t believe it either.

These kind of thoughts, when they’re locked into the sub-conscious, are called self-limiting beliefs. They’re ideas you have about specific things that may not be true, but keep you from achieving your goal.

For example, you might have the self-limiting belief that you have to be super-spiritual to succeed at remote viewing. Or you might believe there is something ‘weird’ or ‘wrong’ about this technology, since it was recently used for spying. There may be more than one self-limiting beliefs slowing you down. But whatever and however many there are, your first step is to recognize them and then remove them from you belief system.

The question you’re probably asking now is: How do I remove them?

Here’s three easy steps to free yourself of any beliefs that might be keeping you from successful remote viewing.

1: Name it. The first thing you have to do is identify the self-limiting belief (or beliefs). Spend a little time thinking about remote viewing to uncover any beliefs you have about it that are not helping you succeed. As you uncover them, you can write them down if that helps.

2: Reject it. No need to debate it, discuss it, figure out where it came from – all of these things just give self-limiting beliefs more attention than they deserve. Once you’ve identified the belief that’s holding you back, commit yourself to rejecting it, period. Decide once and for all that you’re not  going to accept the belief as truth anymore.

3: Act on it. Or, “act as if.” It might feel fake at first, but you now want to act as if you are already a successful remote viewer. Begin immediately.

You can take these three steps with each self-limiting belief you discover. Whether the belief is about remote viewing or anything else, this simple method of freeing yourself and your mind will help you achieve remote viewing – and life – success!

One Response to 3 Steps To Rid Yourself Of Limiting Remote Viewing Beliefs
  1. Dunewaif
    December 4, 2010 | 2:56 pm

    Excellent! The simple,concise explation and SOLUTION of what can be a complex and elusive problem, hit the spot for me this morning! Thanks! I've been listening to RV-RI for 4 months and find your site very helpful.

    BTW, many greats have used pen names–fine, but I'd rather see your image here, Vishen. It's YOUR aura that gives validity. (and you're prettier, too! :>)