Remote Viewing Techniques

How To Manifest More Money In Your Life Using Remote Viewing Techniques?

If you’ve seen ‘The Secret “then you’re probably convinced that the Law of Attraction is real and it works. But you might wonder what you’re doing wrong because you can manifest little things like maybe a Starbucks coffee cup or even $ 5 on the floor of a supermarket, but you have difficulty taking your abilities to the next level. Read on for 3 things that work for me in my manifestations regarding money. You will be surprised how even Remote Viewing techniques help!


Keep increasing your awareness. It’s simple – the more awareness there is in you, there more ability you have to manifest your desires.
Try to notice when you’re saying negative words about money, or thinking negative thoughts and repeat them immediately in a positive and affirming way. You’re attracting those negative things to yourself, instead of great things that you might still believe you don’t deserve or you can’t have. So…try to avoid that. Out of all the good thoughts out there – pick the good ones :-)


To manifest anything you must be specific with it. Take money. You must create and design affirmations about money and financial abundance. As often as you can think of it, say out loud, or to yourself, ‘I am a money magnet. I deserve financial abundance. I am now attracting all of my wildest desires. There is more than enough money for everyone, including me.’
Remember – there is an abundance of things in the Universe. Ask for anything you want – and truly but truly believe you can get it.
Create your vision board. Write some affirmation quotes in your notebook. Surround yourself with pictures of things you want.

Getting in touch with Your Higher Self

Meditate. I find Gerald O’Donnell’s Remore Viewing Course especially useful. It helps you connect with the Universe and ask your questions or manifest the good stuff in the deep state of meditation. In that state you can really imagine how it is to have things you want and by that you send a message to the universe that you are ready to get that. If you have any dark and deeply embedded opinions or reactions toward money, or if you’ve learned a certain thought pattern regarding money, this is the place to get rid of it. In such a deep state of meditation, you can “reprogram” yourself for better!

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