How to Remote View

Best Tips How to Remote View

1. Quiet the conscious mind. Mostly that means ignore the flowing thoughts that come and go which are nothing more than a “self-talk”. Just acknowledhe them as they appear in your head and focus on  the intended target impressions. Be patient – that’s the key to success.

2. Watch for the target information to appear spontaneously. Try to wait for it to come. Don’t force anything. For some people it it’s very quick, others need more time. Don’t rush. First impressions are generally correct. The intended target information will have a slightly different feel about it, you will recognize it. Watch for that difference in feeling between the mental chatter and the real psychic information coming from somewhere else other than the conscience mind. By “feeling” I mean using any sensory system that you primarily use. Some people do not have a physical feeling for information but may hear or visualize the information that is coming it. It’s very simple, some people are “feelers”, some are “seers” and some “hear” their information. Just let it come, don’t try to hear something or just see it. Accept any way the information want to reach you. Psychic information comes in different ways to people. It helps to be a better psychic if you know
in which way you best receive information. You don’t need all your senses for it.

3. Trust your first impression as being correct. There was a psychologic research carried out in 1970s find the common denominator for people from all over the world who could do extraordinary feats. As they explain in other abundant research, that “the common trait necessary for activating extraordinary mind and body abilities is first the belief that you can do it, and secondly, quieting the conscious mind and opening to your extraordinary powers coming from “somewhere else””. This “somewhere else” is some times called “the subconscious” or psychic abilities. Some people call it higher self. However, this remote viewing works the same way no matter which religion a person is or even if they are an atheist. You just have to believe.

4. You MUST have good intentions when you go through your remote viewig course. This power or extraordinary ability seems to only work when used for good intentions such as learning, healing, or somehow helping self or others. Doing it for greed (i.e. win the lottery) or to hurt someone brings no results or negative results.

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