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The essence of consciousness and its place in the universe remain a mystery. Classical models view consciousness as computation among the brain’s neurons yet they fail to address its enigmatic nature.

At the same time quantum processes (superposition of states, non-locality, entanglement) also remain mysterious, yet are being harnessed in revolutionary information technologies (quantum computation, quantum cryptography and quantum teleportation).

In order to comprehend events in the phenomenal world, one needed to introduce a major variable that had until then been ignored: The consciousness (self reflective thought) of the observer. Without the perception of a material world by a conscious entity, there were great doubts as to the existence of that material reality independently of its observation

“A relation between consciousness and quantum effects has been pondered for nearly a century, and in the past decades quantum processes in the brain have been invoked as explanations for consciousness and its enigmatic features. Critics deride this comparison as a mere “minimization of mysteries” and quickly point out that the brain is too warm for quantum computation which in the technological realm requires extreme cold to avoid “decoherence”, loss of seemingly delicate quantum states by interaction with the environment. However quantum computation would surely be advantageous from an evolutionary perspective, and biology has had 4 billion years to solve the decoherence problem and evolve quantum mechanisms.”

Furthermore, quantum non-locality occurring in conscious and subconscious brain function has been discovered in recent experiments. What is becoming even more apparent are specific functional quantum processes in molecular biology.

What Quantum Mechanics (QM) and Remote Viewing (RV) have in common is that they both involve entanglement- where in QM it refers to particle entanglement and in RV to consciousness entanglement.

  • “QM deals with particles such as electrons and particles of light, called photons. Particle entanglement means that local measurements by an experimenter on a particle will instantaneously interact with an entangled particle – no matter how far apart the particles are.  Einstein’s famous insight that mass cannot travel faster than the speed of light (this is the “local” environment) does not extend to information about entangled particles…some information transfer does occur instantaneously.
  • RV deals with target information processed by human consciousness such as sights, sounds, smells, feelings, tastes and concepts.  Consciousness entanglement means that local intentions by a viewer on target information will instantaneously interact with entangled target information – no matter how far apart the viewer and target are.  Information from entangled consciousness appears available all the time.”

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy states:

”Quantum entanglement is a physical resource, like energy, associated with the peculiar nonclassical correlations that are possible between separated quantum systems. Entanglement can be measured, transformed, and purified.

Information from the Future and the Transactional Model of QM

Remote Viewing deals directly with information processed by consciousness.  If you take your memory as an example — “take as your target a time and place in your childhood bedroom — do that now.  Look around the room, be aware of your conscious experience.  You are consciously processing previously entangled/stored information about your direct experience as a child.  You are the viewer and your entangled experience is the target.  Memory fits very nicely with the simple linear model of time that we have come to accept as the only reality based on our experience.”

Remote Viewing Scientific Proof
and Evidence Report


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Precognitive Remote Perception III: 
Complete Binary Data Base with Analytical Refinements

Technical Note PEAR 8900

Within the constellation of activities comprising the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory, a program addressing precognitive remote perception (PRP) experiments and analytical methodology provides important indicators of the basic nature of the consciousness-related phenomena under study. As the project has evolved, the binary scoring techniques used to quantify the PRP results have been refined to preclude a hierarchy of possible strategic or computational artifacts, thereby permitting more discriminating assessment of the experimental data, the design of more effective experiments, and the formulation of more appropriate theoretical models.

In this report are presented a complete update of the PRP data, descriptions of the analytical refinements, and a summary of the salient results. In brief, the PRP protocol continues to prove a viable means for achievement of anomalous information acquisition about remote physical targets by a broad range of volunteer participants. The full data base consists of 411 trials, 336 of which meet the criteria for formal data, generated by 48 individuals over a period of approximately ten years. Effects are found to compound incrementally over a large number of experiments, rather than being dominated by a few outstanding efforts or a few exceptional participants. The yield is statistically insensitive to the mode of target selection, to the number of percipients addressing a given target, and, over the ranges tested, to the spatial separation of the percipient from the target and even to the temporal separation of the perception effort from the time of target visitation. Overall results are unlikely by chance to the order of 10E-10.

Remote Viewing experimental result from Princeton University show that nonlocal precognitive (future information) connections are, in fact, also part of our reality.

Here is an extract from John Cramer’s paper, The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, where his Transactional Quantum Mechanics Model interpretation supports the idea about precognition.

”A new interpretation of the formalism of quantum mechanics,the Transactional Interpretation (TI), is presented. The basic element of TI is the transaction describing a quantum event as an exchange of advanced {backward in time} and retarded {forward in time} waves, as implied by the work of Wheeler and Feynman, Dirac, and others.

The TI is explicitly nonlocal and thereby consistent with recent tests of the Bell Inequality, yet is relativistically invariant and fully causal. The TI permits quantum mechanical wave functions to be interpreted as real waves physically present in space rather than as “mathematical representations of knowledge”. The TI is shown to provide insight into the complex character of the quantum mechanical state vector and the mechanism associated with its “collapse”. The TI also leads in a natural way to justification of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.”4 This model is different from other models in a way that it employs a two-way exchange, a “handshake”, between waves traveling forward and backward in space-time.

Information from the Future and the Transactional Model of QM
Remote Viewing deals directly with information processed by consciousness.  If you take your memory as an example — “take as your target a time and place in your childhood bedroom — do that now.  Look around the room, be aware of your conscious experience.  You are consciously processing previously entangled/stored information about your direct experience as a child.  You are the viewer and your entangled experience is the target.  Memory fits very nicely with the simple linear model of time that we have come to accept as the only reality based on our experience.”

Later on Cramer published An Overview of the Transactional Interpretation where he explains the nature of a “handshake”:

“This advanced-retarded handshake is the basis for the transactional interpretation of quantum mechanics. It is a two-way contract between the future and the past for the purpose of transferring energy, momentum, etc, while observing all of the conservation laws and quantization conditions imposed at the emitter/absorber terminating “boundaries” of the transaction. The transaction is explicitly nonlocal because the future is, in a limited way, affecting the past (at the level of enforcing correlations). It also alters the way in which we must look at physical phenomena. When we stand in the dark and look at a star a hundred light years away, not only have the retarded light waves {forward in time from E in sketch} from the star been traveling for a hundred years to reach our eyes, but the advanced waves {backward in time from A in sketch}  generated by absorption processes within our eyes have reached a hundred years into the past, completing the transaction that permitted the star to shine in our direction.”

The sketch below is a representation of the waves where the vertical axis is time and the horizontal direction represents space.  Note that the current QM formulation does have an exact cancellation of waves that limits any usual faster than the speed of light (superluminal) communication.

Also, Cramer in a paper entitled Quantum Non-locality and the Possibility of Superluminal Effects in a section entitled Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics And Superluminal Loopholes, says:

“However, this prohibition is broken if quantum mechanics is allowed to be slightly “non-linear”,a technical term meaning that when quantum waves are superimposed they may generate a small cross-term not present in the standard formalism.

Steven Weinberg, Nobel laureate for his theoretical work in unifying the electromagnetic and weak interactions, investigated a theory which introduces small non-linear corrections to standard quantum mechanics [13]. The onset of non-linear behavior is seen in other areas of physics, e.g., laser light in certain media, and, he suggested, might also be present but unnoticed in quantum mechanics. … Two years after Weinberg’s non-linear QM theory was published, Joseph Polchinski published a paper demonstrating that … 

Through the new non-linear effects, separated measurements on the same quantum system begin to ‘talk’ to each other and faster-than-light and/or backward-in-time signaling becomes possible.”

Even though the non-linear Quantum Mechanics model has not been experimentally verified in physics laboratories as yet, RV precognition experimental data support the notion of backward-in-time signaling.

“Science does seem to be making progress toward comprehending the reality of precognition and maybe consciousness will be the link for the very small and the very large.”

Gerald O’Donnel, one of the most experienced experts in Remote Viewing states on his website: “This is not magic: black nor white. The spiritual aspect and the comprehension of what is happening is within every human being. Each and everyone has access to it. Quantum physics has only brushed experimentally the big question: has matter created mind or mind created matter? Even though the later is strongly hinted at, the real proof is within the laboratory of one’s own mind. Not within an external technological laboratory apparatus. Although time and space have been experimentally bridged within major research physics labs recently, the implications have yet to seep through mankind’s psyche.

In one famous laboratory experiment of modern quantum physics called “the delayed choice experiment” even the past was changed in order to fit the present. Which means that instead of the normal cause-and-effect logic that we are accustomed to, in that case the effect chosen caused the cause to change accordingly. This means that our present choices changes the memory of our past. This original experiment first proposed by the physicist John A. Wheeler in 1978 as a thought experiment, was confirmed experimentally in 1988 under strict laboratory conditions using electronic, ultra-fast pocket cells, by two groups of physicists working at the University of Maryland and at the University of Munich.”

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  1. Greg Coffelt
    December 14, 2010 | 6:14 am

    Hello Michael…..My experience is not remote viewing but sub conscience real time future viewing in which I am present. I am there…….
    I know how everything ends….at least for North America.
    When I say ends, I mean complete and utter distruction…can't imagine anyone living through this.
    At least once a week I see and feel what will happen in a state of relaxing before sleep.
    I am in different locations every time but the out come is always the same.
    It is sooner than many expect.
    I am not by nature a pessimist but on the contrary an optimist.
    I see many things which I do not share with anyone…not even my wife.

    • Tarina Rissanen
      April 26, 2011 | 3:57 am

      Greg, this is truly an early warning system, if your visions are true to form. It strikes me that It would be prudent of you to warn everyone. Will the Canadian Praries be safe? I have 4 kids, and would love to be able to protect them.
      Also, I would Love some personal insight from you on a variety of topics. Such as a few questions about my own abilities-I can 'feel' if a person is being sincere. Also the same thing with their moods, it is second nature to me. I also have the ability to heal, and have personally healed myself to the point of total eradication, the Hepatitis C disease.No Dr. can tell I have ever had it. I also used the power of prayer held my baby sons' hand all night while he was walking on deaths doorstep with pnuemonia. He was allowed to go home in the morning. It was the practise of healing touch medicine and the thought that god can and will heal him, he did, or was it me? I have remote influencing abilities, and used to get my ex to make me a sandwich and get me drinks when we watched t.v., etc…..

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