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It All Starts With A Cue – Remote Viewing Made Plain

remote viewing made plainHey folks,

came across a nice little article written by remote viewer Stephanie Laverne. Stephanie’s a writer and long-time student of the ‘paranormal’ whose trying her writing hand at what amounts to a pretty reasonable overview of remote viewing for beginners. See what you think. I found this piece on ezine articles and am reprinting it here in full for your convenience.

Explore Remote Viewing And Discover How To Tap Into The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind!

By Stephanie Laverne

The premise of remote viewing is that everything in the universe exists as a pattern of energy or information within the collective unconscious. Remote viewers call it the Matrix. Since the matrix exists outside of time and the subconscious is like a bridge to the matrix, no matter where in time or space that pattern exists you can gain access to it. Remote viewing techniques make it possible for you to tap into the matrix via your subconscious, and transport a particular pattern into your everyday awareness.

Since the day you were born your subconscious has kept a myriad of automatic processes going on in your body effortlessly. It regulates your heart beat, keeps your lungs pumping air, and faithfully records and stores in your memory everything you touch, look at, hear, taste, smell or experience physically, mentally or emotionally; real or imagined. All this is going on without you having to think about it, and the remote viewing procedure takes advantage of this. Anything you want to know about a person, place, thing or event is possible because remote viewing unlocks the door to your subconscious, and allows it to communicate with your conscious mind using you autonomic nervous system.

After years of research done by the CIA and the U.S. military, a specific step by step process was developed that trains the subconscious to provide accurate, reliable information about anything one would like to know. A remote viewing session begins with a “cue” or question such as:

  • Where is a missing person.
  • Where can I find gold in the U.S..
  • What will the stock market do tomorrow?
  • Which horse will win the today?
  • Is there life on other planets?
  • How to heal someone at a distance.
  • Was there really a place called Atlantis? What happened there?

The remote viewer then begins to write down the information received, becoming more and more connected to the signal of the target (the object, person or event). As the details are gradually increased, the information is finally rendered as a sketch that is then analyzed.

Everyone has the ability to learn to remote view. What was once a high level top secret program within the military intelligence division is now available to the public. It is designed so that anyone can be trained to do it. You do not have to be psychic or artistic. Anyone with a normal functioning brain and proper training can do this because every human being has a subconscious, whether we acknowledge it or not. You don’t even have to believe it’s possible for it to work, scepticism is o.k. That powerful part of us that connects us to all things will always be there, doing it’s part to keep us alive and attempting to bring intuitive insight to our daily awareness. Remote viewing techniques are an excellent way to tap into it’s power and extraordinary abilities.

In your remote viewing practice, which ‘cue’ prompted your most successful RV session? Leave a comment and let me know.

Talk soon,

Attention Management – Remote Viewing Demo

Hey guys,

Want to see a remote viewing demo? In this vid, Major Ed Dames says remote viewing is more a matter of ‘attention management’ than anything else. There’s clips of Dames explaining Stargate, and then goes on to have one of his students demonstrate RV in action on the TV show, “In Search of …” Interested? Check it out …

YouTube Preview Image

What’s your best RV success so far? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Talk soon,


Are You A Natural Psychic? – Check Out This Vid Quiz

Hey guys,

I just came across this vid blog from a guy named Marco. He’s a magician who wants to get as many people as possible to watch his vid quizes to see how psychic you are. This isn’t exactly serious remote viewing content but hey, it’s fun – and he’s offering a cool ‘prize’ (dort of) too. Check it out!

YouTube Preview Image

Okay, confession time: what veggie did you guess in his first little ‘quiz’? Leave your answer in the comments below.

Talk soon,


BS Or The Future Of Remote Viewing – The Case Of Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin LadenHey Guys,

I just came across this article and don’t know what to make of it. Apparently there’s some talk of a “Sgt. Stacker” a remote viewer who used his skills in combination with “esoteric wisdom from the Keys of Solomon” to track down Osama Bin Laden. Is this BS? Or is it the future of remote viewing? I found this article on and am reprinting it here in full for your convenience.

Osama Bin Laden Brought Down by Military’s Elite Remote Viewer

by Rob Simone

The world’s most wanted man took refuge in the crags and caves of Tora Bora’s mountains along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. The Pashtun people, who call this harsh land home, have made it one of the best hiding places on Earth.
The search for Bin Laden has involved almost every branch of the U.S. military and intelligence agencies. This includes a very secretive department of US Army’s remote viewing program.

Interest in remote-viewing goes back to the 1950s. Remote-viewing is the ability to see into the collective unconscious and retrieve specific information from it.
The Russians have always been more advanced than their American counterparts in the study and development of remote viewing and biophysical remote mind-control technology (RMCT). This did not go unnoticed by the CIA and the US military, who started experimenting with biophysical RMCT in the 1960s.

Reports from undisclosed source of the military confirm it was a one particular remote viewer that tracked Bin Laden in his final days. It was “Sgt. Stacker” an alias to protect the identity of the real person, who used a combination of tactics to bring Bin Laden down. This included identifying the underground features of the compound where Bin Laden was hiding and the security weaknesses of the location in the northwest frontier of Pakistan.

Stacker was trained in technical remote viewing, but also had a personal interest in “Remote Influencing” a technique that can alter the behavior of someone from a great distance. Stacker convinced a pentagon official to provide him with a personal item known to belong to Bin Laden. It is with this connection that Stacker used a combination of remote viewing, influencing and “witchcraft” to alter the thought pattern of Bin Laden to fall in to repeating pattern of daily living behavior that could be track by sources on the ground to identify him in a group of people.

This obsession of Stacker to combine rigid RV training with ancient esoteric wisdom from the Keys of Solomon proved to be effective. This new approach is being considered for wider implementation for the military intelligence agencies.

Overblown rumor or leaked fact? What do you think of this report? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Talk soon,


Do You Use Audio Technology For Enhanced Remote Viewing?

Hey guys,

Do any of you like to listen to binaural beats to enhance your remote viewing training powers? Binaural beats are great for meditation because they help get your brain waves into the alpha and theta states. Some of them will even take you down into the deep, delta state. Check out this awesome vid with great binaural beats. The visuals are cool with mind-bending fractals, so you may want to watch it once before using just the sounds for your RV session.

YouTube Preview Image

Some people report great results when they combine brainwave frequency technology like binaural beats with their remote viewing sessions. So I was wondering if any of you have found an increase in accuracy or clarity this way. Let me know how it goes with a comment below.

Talk soon,


Survival Defense And Health – The Value Of ESP

survival defense health espHey Guys,

Here’s some great stories on the value of ESP and by extension, remote viewing, from writer Steve Hammons. This article is from American Chronicle and includes some important food for thought, like using ESP for contacting consciousnesses and energies beyond our own, 3-D world, or using what he calls ‘transcendant power’ for health care, communication, technology or education. See what you think and let me know!

ESP may be useful in defense, health, science, unconventional areas

By Steve Hammons

Of the many kinds of so-called anomalous or unusual phenomena, the mysteries of the human mind certainly seem to be among the most interesting.

For example, the extrasensory perception (ESP) techniques and processes generally called “remote viewing” have provided valuable information and insight for U.S. defense and intelligence activities.

Although many of these remote viewers reportedly had better-than-average natural ESP abilities to begin with, it is also conjectured that all people have these sixth-sense perceptions too. However, many people probably don’t recognize their internal hunches and feelings. Further, most of us don’t practice using these awareness skills on important defense and intelligence efforts.

A range of ESP-type perceptual abilities have been referred to as anomalous cognition. We might also call these skills “enhanced situation awareness.”

Following on from the leading-edge health care concepts of integrative medicine and complementary medicine, the terms “integrative perception” and “complementary cognition” have also been proposed as a broader view of ESP.


An inspirational and amazing incident involving U.S. Army Gen. David Petraeus, current nominee for CIA director, occurred in June 2008. Something very interesting happened that appears to be related to these concepts, including their application in health care as well as defense and intelligence.

That day in 2008 when Petraeus went to visit Army 1st Lieutenant Brian Brennan in the hospital, there was little hope for the 101st Airborne Division officer. He had lost both legs in an improvised explosive device (IED) attack in Afghanistan. He had suffered extremely serious traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Brennan had been in a coma, unresponsive to medical staff and his family. Petraeus paid his respects and tried saying a few words of support to the comatose 101st lieutenant, also with no response from Brennan. As Petraeus began to leave, a thought struck him.

He thought of the motto, battle cry and touchstone concept of the 101st Airborne: “Currahee.” This is a Cherokee word that means “We stand alone together.”

Petraeus spoke the word aloud to the comatose officer and immediately Brennan began to move his body vigorously. His responsiveness continued to the point where he eventually made an apparent miraculous recovery, according to his family and health care professionals.

When President Barack Obama recently visited the home of the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, did this mysterious incident cross his mind? After all, Obama has stated that he has some Cherokee background in his family tree, like millions of other Americans.

And, interestingly, Fort Campbell is located on the Kentucky-Tennessee border in the general area of the ancient and traditional Cherokee homeland of the Appalachian Mountain region.


When a Navy SEAL officer coined the term “transcendent warfare” in a graduate-level research paper for the Marine Corps War College several years ago, he was referring to forward-leaning discoveries and concepts, particularly those related to ESP and remote viewing.

However, this officer did not limit the transcendent warfare concept to the activities of Project STAR GATE and related research into human consciousness.

Rather, he noted that advanced research into a range of unconventional scientific developments could be applied to defense, intelligence and other areas of human endeavor to produce positive results.

When the idea of transcendent warfare is applied as a complementary or integrative component of hard power, soft power and smart power, a follow-on modality of “transcendent power” may be quite useful.

Additionally, when transcendent power is applied to a wider range of activities such as health care, communications, education, technology and various kinds of research and development, we may be able to envision further significant emerging progress.

How wide and deep could such progress be? Could new (or rediscovered) aspects of human perception and awareness contribute to significant change on planet Earth? Could human development itself be impacted by this kind of understanding?

In addition to the serious conventional challenges such as war and terrorism, injury and disease, overpopulation and hunger, poverty and injustice, pollution and climate change, we also may be facing some very unconventional developments.

These challenges could also be approached using a more up-to-date view of human consciousness and new theories in quantum physics about the Universe and Nature.

What are the limits of the application of transcendent power when applied by individuals and groups to even more unusual situations and theories?

For example, can we use advanced perception to verify the existence of an afterlife or Heaven where our ancestors and loved ones who have passed on now reside? Will we be able to confirm that angels do exist and conduct covert operations here in our world?

What about the idea of a larger intelligence – an overarching intelligence that may even have a plan for us?

An even more unconventional area of study involves the reports, rumors and indications that Earth could be visited by unusual beings from other planets, dimensions or times. How would expanded or enhanced human awareness dovetail with such developments? Do certain unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have real significance for national and global defense as well as other human activities?

These questions seem like interesting food for thought.

When we do think about possible future events and outcomes, it could be helpful to remember the work of Project STAR GATE, other advanced research, the concept of transcendent warfare and Gen. Petraeus’ sudden impulse in 2008 to say the word “currahee” to seriously-wounded warrior Lt. Brennan.

Steve brings up some pretty big questions here worth thinking about. What do you think about the possibility of using ESP for ET contacts, angels or ancestors? Let me know in the comments below.



Remote Viewing Answers – Beyond The Basics

remote viewing answers beyond basicsHey Guys,
Here’s a set of Q&As about remote viewing that are more than basic. If you’ve been wondering what the term ‘perception based remote viewing’ means, what remote viewers tend to have in common, or even what kind of diet might help improve your RV skills, (yes, really!) then check out these answers from

1. What is perception based remote viewing?

ANSWER: Perception based remote viewing is the ability for any trained person to access distant information using only the perceptions in the mind.

2. What is Solo ERV or SERV?

ANSWER: The acronym stands for Solo Extended Remote Viewing. This method is pure perception based which provides more accurate and rich sensory data than ever before.

Solo means you do not need a monitor as ERV required in the past before advanced protocols were developed. The “E” stands extended, because this method takes longer. The training time is extended, sessions are extended, and the accurately rich details are extended.

3. I totally believe in the untapped potential of humankind, I also seem acutely aware when other things are present around me, like vehicles, other beings, or their energy. Is this somehow tied into the gift of RV?

ANSWER: Remote viewing is not only for the gifted. However, people with the trained ability of strong concentration and meticulous attention to detail will tend to excel in remote viewing. Anyone can learn to remote view but some have a tendency towards excellence like a gifted piano player or artist. This is why we define remote viewing as the “trained ability” to perceive at a distance. Anyone can learn to paint or play a piano, those we call gifted often make their own place in history.

4. What common hobby and career choices are found among advanced remote viewers?

ANSWER: Satellite imagery technicians, map makers, inventors, artists, and entrepreneurs seem to do well at remote viewing. Advanced remote viewers are not limited to these lines of interest. However, it has been noted that there was a marked level of aptitude for remote viewing with those who have interests in these fields.

5. I tried remote viewing before but after a short while, I could no longer actually “see” the target in my head. When I started remote viewing, smells, tastes and visuals were accurate but now are gone. Does this happen in the perception method of remote viewing too?

ANSWER: Non-perception based remote viewing takes all the visuals and high level sensory data that seems real and tells you to put it all in the trash bucket we call AOL. After a few months of that, the unconscious mind does as told and considers all the good visuals as trash and wont give them to you anymore.

6. What advice is there for someone wanting to nurture attention management in daily life?

ANSWER: SERV is a perception management skill. Anything which helps improve attention management of perceptions will usually improve perception based remote viewing.

When remote viewing we use circuits in the brain called “mirror neural circuits”. They are circuits in the brain that are the catalog of your memories of physical sensations, dimensional perceptions and emotional states. To nurture concentration levels favorable to remote perception, take extra time to notice details around you. When you leave a room, see how many important details you can remember.

Ask yourself questions like: how many wall sockets were there in the room; what color were the chairs; how many windows; were the lights on or off; how did your experience in there make you feel? Become aware of your perceptions of the things that surround you and practice memory games. This builds a larger internal lexicon for use when you next remote view. The larger your internal lexicon is, the better reference points you have to deliver cleaner accurate data in a structured remote viewing session.

7. What can I do to my diet to help with remote viewing?

ANSWER: Avoid consuming alcohol for recreation. We all know that alcohol destroys brain cells, remote viewing is an attention management skill so you will need all the braincells you can keep. Additionally, to maintain trustworthiness of data usually requires 24 hours wait after the consumption of alcohol before remote viewing.

Eating a healthy diet is common sense. What we overlook are the toxins being consumed. Start by avoiding food and water sources that are contaminated with toxins. Fluoride, mercury, garlic and artificial sweeteners are well documented toxins, all affect the brain and are known to be associated with attention management challenges. Do your own research on the topic.

The next step is to remove the existing built-up toxins in your system. Removing toxic chemicals and disruptive thoughts should be a daily goal. Those toxins can be found in public restaurant drinks and food, as well as common household products and pesticides. Most people’s pineal gland are so full of fluoride metal that is lights up like a Christmas tree under CT scans. Personal iodine chelation education is essential to this topic and not too difficult to locate with a few Internet searches. Drinking lots of “Pure Water” is another thing that helps cleanse the body from the effects of drugs and alcohol.

What’s your top remote viewing question? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Talk soon,


Ed Dames – What's Next For Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is of the ‘Mind’  - it’s a Mind Tool, says Major Ed Dames. But what’s deeper than that? Check out what Dames has to say about this thing that has no words and why he’s now going beyond remote viewing.

YouTube Preview Image

Dames said that when he turned remote viewing on himself, a whole new world opened up – a world way beyond his mind. But is there still a place for remote viewing when you’re ready to ‘go deeper’? Leave a comment and let me know.

Talk soon,


Use Crystals And Gemstones To Enhance Your Remote Viewing Sessions

crystals remote viewingHey Guys,

Just found this site on different ways to use crystals and gemstones. Pretty interesting stuff – especially the section on how to use crystals to super-charge your remote viewing sessions. The piece is from and I’m reprinting the whole section below for your convenience.

Remote Viewing with Crystals

Remote viewing allows the practitioner to travel through time and space, through the past and the future and through any location through the globe to gather information, without leaving their current location. How is this possible you might ask? All of the viewing is possible through the mind, where the person is able to use information to predict the future, create a glimpse into the past and even to learn about the past lives that the person may have experienced.

How is remote viewing possible?

As humans, we only use a small portion of the brain through our day to day activities. Many people have learned the techniques that are required to tune into the powerful parts of the brain that have a wide range of opportunity to develop and see the future, connecting with the physical and spiritual realm simultaneously.

Using the connection between the spiritual and physical realm, you can learn to develop the tools that are required to gain the skills associated with remote viewing. The connections can enable you to transform the mind into a vessel that is able to access this information, increasing the knowledge and the ability to look into the future or into the past to access information.

What types of crystals can be used for remote viewing?

Using crystals to enhance the skills that are require for remote viewing is an effective way to be able to view more, enhance the strength in which the visions are seen and even a great way to develop the remote viewing skills for beginners.

Third eye crystals

that have the ability to increase the openness of the mind or increase the potential psychic powers that can be developed are some of the most effective way to be able to create the images and pictures that can be seen through the remote viewing process.

Specific crystals that can be an effective way to increase the powers that are associated with remote viewing include: hematite, carnelian, sodalite and amethyst. The high frequencies and vibrations in these crystals can help to open the channels of the mind between the physical and spiritual plane.

How can you use these crystals for remote viewing?

It is important to ensure that the crystals have been programmed correctly to enhance the remote viewing skills that are developed.First, using the right types of crystals and second, ensuring that they have been cleansed and activated for the purposes of remote viewing can be the most effective way to ensure that the results are going to be heightened and the skills required are going to be enhanced.

Cleansing and activating the crystals with the most potent technology can assure the best results for the person that is trying to enhance or develop their experience with remote viewing. Isochronic cleansing method are the latest and most potent technique that has been developed to both cleanse and activate the crystals. Using frequencies that are exposed to the crystals through the use of pure tones the vibrations that can affect the potency of the crystals can be removed and therefore increase the effectiveness of the viewings that are taking place by the practitioner.

Using crystals through the sessions can help to increase the ease of the viewings that are seen as well as increasing the instances that the remote viewings can take place.

Have you ever used crystals for remote viewing? After reading this do you think you’ll give it a try? Leave a comment and let me know.

Talk soon,


ESP, Premonition And Remote Viewing Research

esp remote view researchIs remote viewing simply a ‘sub-species’, if you will, of ESP? Most remote viewers and remote viewing experts would say no. But a Psyche prof at Cornell who is studying premonition says that it’s part of a bigger phenomenon.

I just came across this article in The Cornell Daily Sun. I’m reprinting it in full here for your convenience. Have a read and let me know what you think.

Sixth Sense: The ESP Debate

By Seyoun Kim

Despite critics, Prof. Emeritus Daryl Bem, psychology, believes in extrasensory perception in the form of premonition. ESP is made of four different phenomena: telepathy, the ability to communicate without using normal communication methods; remote viewing, the ability to gain information from an object far away; precognition or premonition, the ability to knowledgeably or emotionally predict the future; and psychokinesis, the ability for the mind to influence matter.

Bem’s research, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, attracted much attention in the psychology community mainly because the journal typically does not publish research on parapsychology, the subfield of psychology containing ESP. In anticipation of the response from the community, an editorial comment was published with Bem’s article defending their decision to publish the research despite their own reservations about Bem’s claims.

Bem conducted nine different experiments to prove the existence of premonition. As summarized by Prof. Thomas Gilovich, psychology, and chairperson of the department, Bem was able “to use a number of paradigms in the field of psychology and tweak them to test for precognition.”

A series of nine experiments specifically designed for publication in JPSP included over 1000 participants. Bem collected data that showed that participants displayed more predictive ability than could be explained by chance.

This suggests that mechanisms, which Bem believevs to be precognition and premonition, allow participants to know beforehand which side to choose.

In one experiment, Bem asked students to pick one of two curtains as the one they thought contained a picture behind it. Although the students correctly chose the correct curtain 53.1 percent of the time, which appears to not be too different from the expected 50 percent, Bem believes this value is, in fact, statistically significant and unlikely to appear by chance.

A paper published by researchers at the University of Amsterdam suggests that Bem uses incorrect statistical methodology by using one-tailed tests instead of two-tailed tests, which would be more difficult to prove significance for. By re-analyzing Bem’s data using a different set of statistical analysis tools, however, the researchs show that Bem’s data is not statistically significant. Bem believes this claim is “an absolutely ridiculous argument to be making” and that the assumptions used by the University of Amsterdam researchers are “unrealistic.”

Gilovich explained another point of concern about Bem’s findings. He states that ESP “is inconsistent with everything that we know about the way the physical universe works” and that “there is no plausible mechanism that we understand at all” that would explain how ESP works.

Still, Gilovich complimented Bem, saying the experiments were “a very nice adaptation of the standard paradigms, cleverly modified to test for the existence of precognition.”

It is Bem’s belief that there is “nothing in physics that is contradicted” because although ESP might not be in line with Newtonian physics, it is in line with quantum physics.

He added, “The fact that we do not have a mechanism to explain it is a major deterrent. But almost every theory first started out as an unexplainable phenomenon.”

Bem understands the opposition to his research. “I do not think that people are irrational to want stronger evidence for this sort of thing,” Bem said. He hopes that his belief in ESP will eventually explained by a concept called quantum entanglement which suggests that two parts of matter or energy that were once together are connected even after they are separated.

With all of the reaction from the psychology community about his paper, Bem is surprised by “the degree of what strikes me as fear that [ESP] might be true and the willingness to disregard an entire set of phenomena.”