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Remote Viewing Skills – The Several Uses

When it comes to the issue of remote viewing, it is a skill which its accuracy and existence is still in doubt as far as the scientific community is concerned. But most of all, it is a skill that has been confirmed to be difficult to learn. Even at this, it would interest you to know that a lot of people and organizations including the U.S. government have made use of this skill in solving several cases and other intelligence services strictly for military use.

Some uses of remote viewing skills.

They are:

Keeping watch:

Through this skill, you can keep an eye on your loved ones. It could be your spouse driving down or your child riding to school on his or her bicycle. Through remote viewing you can watch out for them while at the same time being rest assured that they are okay.

Locating lost objects:

In a situation where you have lost an object, the best you can do is to locate same through remote viewing. You can look for your personal lost items or that of your loved ones. However, you should know that it takes lots of practice to be able to find what you are looking for since the level of your skill will go a long way to determine whether you can find what you are looking for or not.

Means of disproving the skeptics:

Since remote viewing is a skill that is yet to be accepted in the scientific community, you can take a shot at disproving the skeptics by upping your remote viewing skills and using them effectively in convincing more persons about the efficacy of remote viewing.

You can start by correctly guessing what your friends wrote or drew on a card or piece of paper without taking a look at it. It is really a great means of promoting the existence of psychic abilities.

Do you think you are ready to start using your remote viewing skills effectively?

Steps On Improving Your Remote Viewing Skills

Are you ready to start your distance remote viewing practices? If you answer yes to this question, then it becomes necessary that you first shove aside any disbelief and skepticism you may have about remote viewing. This is to enable you effectively open the sixth sense which is what you will be making use of in enhancing your skills.

It has been noted that during the initial stages of your exercise, thoughts of impossibility always have a way of intruding. What do you do? Simply push such thoughts aside and put your mind and attention on completing your exercise without any distractions.

Getting Started Improving Your Remote Viewing Skills

Now that you are ready to start, fist take a deep breath which goes a long way to help you in maintaining absolute calm and focus. Prior to this, you should color pieces of paper or cards with crayons of different colors. Cards are preferred since you find them easier to shuffle than pieces of paper. Get these cards mixed up, keep them by the side and then, let the exercise begin.

Choosing a card

With your eyes closed, pick a card from the top of the pack and hold same before you. The color of the card picked determines the level of the energetic vibration you will experience since they vary. Since it takes lots of practices before you can begin to accurately predict the color of card you have before you, it becomes necessary that you don’t easily give up on your exercises or get discouraged.

Remote Viewing Skills

Make sure that the cards are properly colored without leaving any trace of white color since this can also give out its on vibration and get you confused. Every portion of the side to be colored should be done properly.

Extending Your Remote Viewing Exercises

Another exercise is asking a family member or friend to go out to any location of his or her choice, without telling you where he or she is. You then try to find out where they are and through your descriptions of the area you remote viewed, without leaving out any details, you will be able to know your level of improvement.

Bear in mind that remote viewing skill is something that takes a while to achieve accuracy. As difficult as it may seem initially, with time you will find the exercise to be an impressive and the skill, a useful one.

Have you carried out these exercises before? If yes, what were your observations?

Remote Viewing Practice – Exploring The Parallel Universe Through It

Whether you have thought about engaging in remote viewing practice previously or not, just take a deep breath and imagine what your world would be like as a remote viewer. Put into consideration the fact that in the practice of remote viewing, you have the ability to visit any location or even get a view of any object or person at your own convenience. What about events that took place several years back? With this ability, you can gain insight into the historical event and have certain facts about it right in your palms. This is not just where remote viewing ends.

Remote Viewing Practice - Exploring The Parallel Universe Through It

Remote Viewing Practice and The Present

Have you thought about knowing something that is happening presently around you? Through remote viewing practice, you would be able to investigate something that is happening and get accurate results. You may be wondering about the future. Yes, you can actually gain insight on your future or that of your loved ones by being a remote viewer. You can get first hand information on what your life would look like in the next 15 or 20 years. From available studies, there really is no limit to the information you can gather or locations you can go to through remote viewing.


Remote Viewing Practice

There are several doors of perception out there which you can only open and utilize to the fullest only when you remote view. When it comes to remote viewing practice, you don’t necessarily have to start as a teenager before you can remote view. Since it has been confirmed to be an ability that is found in every human, you can even start right now to harness and develop those psychic abilities of yours that have remained dormant up till now. With the right training and practices, you can actually bring these innate talents to good use in solving your daily problems and that of other people.

Science-Fiction… Or Is It?!

Unlike what most people think concerning the act of remote viewing, it is not something that is associated with weird or strange science-fiction. Remote Viewing PracticeIt is something that you are born with which if allowed to be dormant, does not manifest. By the time you tap into this ability and engage in remote viewing practice, you would come to appreciate this particular psychic ability more. Why don’t you take charge of your life and enhance your extrasensory perception abilities by engaging in long lasting and consistent practice towards becoming a remote viewer.

Have you explored The Universe yet?

Facts About Remote Viewing – What you need to know

Have you ever given a thought to knowing more facts about remote viewing? If yes, then you are not alone, you are just one of those people who are interested in improving their psychic abilities which would help them to see objects, people and places without being there physically. This is made possible by using senses other than the five senses that we normally use which includes the sense of touch, sight, sound, smell and taste. Most times, people tend to get confused when it comes to the difference between remote viewing and astral projection. There is a great difference as explained below.

Psychic Abilities

If you are knowledgeable on most of the facts about remote viewing, you would have known by now that remote viewing is a kind of psychic dowsing where through your tapped psychic abilities, you are able to get a view of a given object, location or person, all with the use of your mind’s eye. In the case of astral projection, also called out of body experience is a situation where you are able to travel in the spirit form in order to get a view of a location, person or object. Based on this, the difference becomes glaring because in remote viewing, extrasensory perception comes into play while in astral projection some kind of spiritual traveling is involved.

Psychic Abilities

We may not know this but from several studies carried out and some findings made bordering on facts about remote viewing, it is established that we all have the ability to remote view or even enhance our psychic abilities which majority of us usually leave untapped. Research have confirmed that out of the total component of the human brain, we only end up making use of not more than 10% which proves that there is a lot of untapped potentials which we can really benefit from if we really know how to utilize our psychic abilities.

There is every possibility that you can even enhance your daily life if you are able to successfully tap into this unused part of your brain through remote viewing.


Among the several facts about remote viewing is the one based on the premise that any one can actually learn to remote view unlike other aspects of ESP. Studies have been carried out where people who are confirmed to be non-psychic are trained on remote viewing and they successfully engaged in remote viewing with results that were mainly on the accurate side. This is achieved through imbibing certain techniques which are known to help you remote view a location, person or object and achieve maximum results. Always bear in mind that the main base of your psychic ability lies in your subconscious mind.

The more practices you engage in, the better results you achieve.

How did your practice go?

Technical Remote Viewing (TRV) and You

When it comes to remote viewing, there is only one technique that makes it extremely easy for you to get accurate information when needed through the use of certain protocols. This technique is the technical remote viewing technique. It is known to be well structured and of high standard. With this technique, you find out that you can easily and correctly gather knowledge about things, places, people and events which are not physically visible to you, not even the faintest idea of what the target looks like prior to remote viewing.

TRV technique is likened to when you are equipped with special data collection skill. With this technique, precise of dissemination of information takes place between your unconscious mind and your consciousness and all this happens even before the creative part of your mind interferes with the flow of information or even contaminates it. During the technical remote viewing, all what you see, being the target, are written down in words or sketched as drawings on a plain sheet with pen.

In the process of this method of remote viewing, you are inadvertently linked to Matrix – collective unconscious. It does not matter whether the target is across the globe or next door, the process is sure to work perfectly. Based on the fact that human mind conveniently exists outside of space and time, you can comfortably gather the information desired at any part of the world or at any time of the day or night. All you need do while engage in technical remote viewing is to free your mind of every thought and concentrate on the target at hand.

Several studies carried out have confirmed the fact that every human being is created with the ability to make use of their unconscious minds to receive information about certain targets.

It is sad though to note that just very few of us are able to nurture this ability to the point of being extraordinary psychics. A good number of us even progress up to exhibiting noticeable consistency and repeatability as far as technical remote viewing is concerned.

How do you make use of your unconscious mind?

Caylee Anthony Case Remote Viewed From The Start

Caylee Anthony caseHey Folks,

Awesome post below on one “Great Spirit Bear” (pseudonym) whose remote viewing predictions on the Caylee Anthony murder case turned out to be chillingly accurate – before officials had uncovered the evidence of the case. I found this on the Examiner website and was really impressed by the results. Writer Debbie Ballard contributed this and I’m reprinting the whole thing here for your convenience.

Remote viewing the Caylee Anthony case, Part 1

by Debbie Ballard

As of very early in the morning on this date, July 17, 2011, acquitted suspect Casey Anthony had been set free from the confines of jail after being accused of killing her nearly 3-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008. A little over 3 years has passed with the media scrutinizing every possible detail of the investigation, the discovery of the remains, the trial and the eventual verdict of this riveting and highly emotionally-charged case.

The application of remote viewing in missing person cases is a highly reliable tool that has been proven effective over time, yet is still not accepted in total by those in investigative realms. Often times if people have information about a case in which it can’t be explained exactly as to how they received it, they instead become suspect as being the perpetrators of the crime. This is a sad testament, especially when a skill such as remote viewing has such a high percentage of accuracy.

Such is the case for remote viewer, Great Spirit Bear. He wishes to remain anonymous; hence, his name has been chosen by me to hide his true identity. He used a remote viewing dowsing technique which played a highly significant key role in “seeing” the entire process of the Anthony case unfold under his watchful eye over the past 3 years. Great Spirit Bear was kind enough to reveal his chronological notes of his remote viewing sessions starting when it was first a missing person’s case in the summer of 2008. Below you’ll find the actual early summer 2008 descriptor word excerpts of his initial findings while using dowsing/remote viewing to glean information about little Caylee’s disappearance:

  • fence: distance to Caylee 100 feet
  • road: distance to Caylee 30 – 35 feet , dead end road
  • area is dry, then later feels wet (the discovery site flooded)
  • school, kids play football, baseball near to site, oak (the body was discovered not far from Hidden Oaks Element ary School)
  • spring (Hopespring Drive is where the Anthony home is located)
  • Judge Road & Shadowridge Drive (these intersecting streets were used as the search base headquarters five months later)
  • half pipe = culvert = ditch (culvert crossed road at location) twist long thin metal piece by site, trees
  • dump (the discovery site was somewhat of a ‘dumping’ ground for debris)
  • she is not buried
  • home of grandparents
  • paint tarp in garage, left front used
  • body prepared on right garage floor area
  • propped beside door
  • bedroll-style body wrap
  • throw-rug style, carpet remnant used
  • black plastic
  • duct tape, 4 places
  • bed, beading left of center – chloroform residues
  • Result: Chloroform residues were found. Body was discovered 100 feet from fence, 30 feet from road, right of way on a dead- end road very near the child’s grandparents’ house, in plastic wrapped with duct tape. It was a dry, then wet area – and the remains were found under big ferns and not buried.

Especially now that certain facts are known about Caylee’s discovered remains, this is rather chilling isn’t it? This is how precise and helpful remote viewing and dowsing can be when applied to missing persons cases. At this time I have only revealed part of this process, but renderings and drawings of the target that is remote viewed also play a highly important role in this succinct and accurate skill.

Watch for Part 2 of this article in which Great Spirit Bear reveals more about his personal experience with remote viewing/dowsing and more of what he discovered using this process surrounding the death of this young, innocent victim.

Did anyone else out there do some remote viewing on the Anthony case? Share your results with me in the comments below.


Put Out Your Shingle – Remote Viewer Posts On Craig's List

remote viewer craig's listHey Guys,

I just came across something  and I want your opinion. I was going through my google alerts for remote viewing articles and vids this week when I came across a remote viewer who’s ‘hung his shingle’ out on Craig’s List. This guy (or gal) is ready to help central LA-ers “Find out anything!” Check it out and see what you think.

Find out anything! Treasure, Lost kids, Remote Viewing Services!

Remote viewing, which was used almost exclusively over the past 20 years for military espionage, is now available in the public sector for a lot of interesting & creative uses!

Do you or your company want important information or data on something or someone, or any event, place, object or process that would be otherwise inaccessible? Consider using remote viewing — seriously, possibly one of mankind’s most powerful new tools.

Trained remote viewers are able to experience, feel, see, and describe, detailed and accurate information on any event, person, being, place, process or object that has ever existed, does exist, or will exist (It can take days just to grasp the implications of this!)

Could you, or your company, use or benefit from, this kind of new, rare, unique and scientifically based service?

Why would you choose me over other Remote Viewers?

I have over 10+ Years Experience! and I can offer services that NO ONE else is able to offer. I can travel and work with you or your team personally.

The scope of things that are possible with Remote Viewing is virtually unlimited for Data Gathering.

  • Animal Communication
  • Communication And Empathy
  • Computer Systems
  • Contacting Souls
  • Creative Ideas
  • Deep Mind Probes
  • Determining Dangerousness Or Risks
  • Determining If Child Or Elder Abuse Has Occurred (To Give An Investigator Ideas As To Where To Look And What Questions To Ask)
  • ET Exploration And Contact
  • Exploring Alternative Timelines
  • Financial markets and general investment trends. Timing and probable directions of investment vehicles.
  • Future Lives
  • Future Potential Markets In A Certain Area.
  • General And Specific Industrial And Technical Uses.
  • Geopolitical probable forecasting.
  • Healing
  • Help in identifying and locating wanted and potential terrorists and/or wanted criminals and sensing their future intentions and plans.
  • Historical Events And Information
  • Locate Runaways
  • Medical Diagnosis
  • Medical Research
  • Microscopic Structures
  • Missing Technical Data
  • Naming Defective Genes
  • Other Potential Future Events,
  • Past & Future Art & Music
  • Past Lives
  • Personal Family History And Events
  • Possible Medical Diagnostic Considerations
  • Possible Solutions To Problems
  • Potential Cures & Treatments
  • Prediction of future global or individual probable life events.
  • Probable outcome of corporate financial and business decision matrices. Advanced assessment and mapping of Future Probability Waves.
  • Remote locating geological resources and archeological sites.
  • Self-Exploration
  • Sub Atomic Particles
  • Technology Transfer
  • The Cause Of An Event Or Disaster
  • The Effects Of A Personal Decision
  • The Future Effects Of A Particular Event (E.G. Global Warming)
  • The Location And Condition Of A Missing Person, Child Or Object
  • The Outcome Of Upcoming Events
  • The Location Of Mineral (gold,silver,etc) Or Petroleum Deposits
  • Cache Hunting, Artifact Hunting, Gold Hunting or any other special face of Treasure Hunting
  • Uncovering Unconscious Material
  • Unsolved Cases Or Mysteries

I am able to travel to assist in operations, I can personally work with you to find whatever it is you are looking for or need information about. I have the training where I am able to go out for as long as needed to any location and gather the information you need. I offer a service that you will not find anywhere else!

You might even personally have the information that is needed. I am also a trained Hypnotist, and can work with you on that also. You will be amazed at what the subconscious mind can do!

My rates are $100 per session.

Most sessions can be done in one hour. More difficult ones, like locating the position/location will take more time. When all other methods have failed CONTACT ME!

Whadd’ya think? Would you hire a more experienced remote viewer to help you find things, people or solutions to problems? Would you hang your own shingle out for business either in your town or virtually, once you master RV? Let me know in the comments below.

Talk soon,

3 Reasons To Learn Remote Viewing

3 reasons remote viewingOkay folks,

I want your opinion. I try to bring you the latest in remote viewing info on the web. These days I have to scour because there’s a lot of junk out there, or just minor comments embedded in long, forum threads. But I just came across another something and I’m not sure whether it’s spot-on interesting or, well … a little shallow. (Not the health part – that’s a cool idea! But some of the other stuff). Stephanie Laverne talks about the top 3 reasons for learning remote viewing and I’d like you to check it out to tell me what you think. The article is from eZine, but I’m reprinting it here to make it easy for you to read in one place.

Remote Viewing – A Fascinating Skill That’s Incredibly Versatile!

By Stephanie Laverne


There are many applications of remote viewing, from government intelligence to treasure hunting or archeological work, to winning the lottery. Yes, there have been some who have won the lottery using remote viewing. However, there are 3 important areas of your personal life that you can gain accurate insight into by applying the skills of remote viewing. I call them the 3 biggies; Love, Money and Health.

Have you ever wondered if you are doing the work you were truly born into this world to do? Where is the love of your life and how will you meet them? What will your health challenges be in the future and how can you minimize them, if not eradicate them altogether, today…now… before the future arrives? Using the techniques of remote viewing you can find out the answers to these questions.


Remote viewers are able to probe the future and they have found that everyone has at least a couple of probable futures, and some people have many. When remote viewers probe the future of an individual, they are looking for the optimal trajectory of that persons life.

A trajectory is simply a path that a moving object follows when under force. The object can be a projectile, a satellite or a human being. It’s easy to see that the choices we make have an outcome. Sometimes we’re happy with the outcome, and sometimes we regret having not taken the other road. Finding out your optimal trajectory is one of the most powerful applications of remote viewing, because it enables you to know the most probable outcome before you make a decision. How cool is that!

Although remote viewing is challenging, and getting good at it does take practice. It is well worth the effort, considering that as adults we spend an enormous amount of time and effort trying to fashion a future that we want to live. And a lot of the time it’s by the seat of our pants. This is where remote viewing gives you an edge, when it’s time to make those big life altering decisions. Should I marry him or her? Is this the right house to buy? Should I take this job offer even though it doesn’t pay as much? Is there something going on in my body that I don’t know about? etc… etc…

Tell me, would you use remote viewing to make decisions about things like marriage or buying a house? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

Talk soon,

Cosmic Remote Viewing – How The Asteroid Belt Was Formed

Hi Guys,

Here’s some far out remote viewing news (literally!) The folks over at the Farsight Institute really lived up to their name with this one – with an experiment to remote view the origins of the asteroid belt. Actually, they were testing 2 different hypothesis. Check out this vid to find out more.

YouTube Preview Image

Boy, Dr. Brown sure makes it all sound so simple. Pretty interesting experiment. Have you read Dr. Brown’s book yet? If you have, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Remote Viewing Prediction – Solar Storms Of 2013

remote viewing 2013Hi Guys,

I just came across a post that caught my eye. Why? Because the author, “Unknown32″ says his remote viewing sources call 2012 a “money making scheme”, with no roving planets, alien races or other wierdness headed our way. BUT, that doesn’t mean we’re outta the woods. What his sources DO see are major solar storms that can wreak havoc here on the little blue marble, with or without aliens. This is a comment thread from the Above Top Secret site. I’m reprinting the whole thing here for your convenience.

Remote viewing 2012-2013, and the future/ Information that might interest you!

There is over a couple billion, close to trillion people on this planet earth. A different person or group of different people could make a new prediction every day. Unless its the same group or singe person who has been making predictions for a while that have a 70% to 100% accuracy for every prediction they make then I would not pay much attention to them. I have some higher connections. They are remote viewers with a 80% accuracy by them self’s and 100% percent accuracy as a group.

What I can tell you what they told me is in no way can I release any names, organizations, for security and confidential protection. So if you are looking for proof , you will not find it here, you will have to take my word on it and or do a bit of homework. My connections have told me 2012 is a money making scheme. They have looked into the date 2012-2013 with remote viewing and see no aliens, no planet heading towards earth, ect.. But what they have warned me about the year 2012-2013 is we will have a massive solar storm that we never seen before and it will wipe out satellites and much of our technology.

It will take a couple months if not a few years to be back to normal in some country’s. Some will die who depend on electricity, cars, ect… Also the worlds biggest concern in the coming years will be the environment. Also we will have a major financial and part government collapse all over the world. Its is needed in order to rebuild better systems and is like a gift to us.

They also told me that close in the next 45 years, things are gonna hit the fan. 3/4 of the world population will be wiped out from the solar flares, storms, ect, and that a great alien race, humanoid, will land on earth to help rebuild and help us develop better technology and shelters for the world. But don’t worry, if you die in any of these events it was all planned and your soul chose this for you to experience. My friends do not believe in any religion or cults. But in there own opinion they say the power of prayer has positive results that seem to influence our reality and time.

They are not sure how this works and no ones really does buts worth a try when the world or person is in need of something positive. So do not pay much attention to false prophets and focus on the now moment. Learn to develop love in your heart and destroy your controlling belief systems. Lets live a little and enjoy life, life’s great!!

I like his message in the end – focus on the now, learn to develop love and basically focus on the good. And it’s pretty interesting that, although his contacts see no alien encounters in the near future, further ahead they do. Predicting the future is a tough one, because the choices we make all along the way could lead to different outcomes – possibly every single day. What do you think about using remote viewing to predict the future? Leave your comments below.

Talk soon,